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Weapons of Choice

This is the second part of the lightweight restoration shaman guide by Rahana. In this part we will be dealing with simple spell overview and talk through any and all spells that should not be missing from your bars.

Restoration shamans have quite interesting spells in their arsenal, and even the only “visible” healing spell in game. As well, that “visible” healing spell is the spell this class got well- known for. But there are way more spells we are (should be) using for and while healing than one shiny healing lazor called Chain Heal.

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Restoration Shaman series…

You can always find posts and articles stating that “this healer class sux” and that everyone should abandon it and go roll druid/paladin/priest/shaman. Don’t trust those posts. All healing classes are equal to the point they all excel at something;  the important thing is realizing this fact and finding and improving the areas of play where your class is good at.

For this reason, I decided to write lightweight, easy to understand and not-so-serious guide about shaman healing. The very first part of the guide will try to present you reasons to roll a healer. But not only that, to roll a restoration shaman.

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Rotface and Putricide

This Monday and Wednesday we finally scraped up some bodies to be able to go and take on Rotface and Putricide. From the last attempts on Rotface I was rather pesimistic about it and well, there are only rumours about Putricide, not far from describing him as something merging Freddy Krueger and a full Space Marine platoon would look like. And they’d ride Raptors with Jetpacks. I was really pleasantly surprised that both went smooth. Well, we didn’t down Putricide, okay, but after the two proper tries on him we were quite steadily getting into Phase 3 without much problems and we twice wiped on 300K. How annoying is that. But hey, we got the fight down and we just need a little bit of luck and a little bit of more output from everyone and he is dead. Not us. Him.

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ICC gear sets (version 1-normal) and Totem thoughts.

So, I finally got to making the ICC gearlist of well, Rahana’s BiS at the current moment. I did it using values from Shaman_HEP from our last Icecrown Citadel raid, in which I healed everything from start up to and including Festergut and few tries on Rotface. The results are a bit skimmed, as for the configuration I used some things I didn’t have at that time – especially 2T10 attained just after that run.

Thinking about what to wear is srs business!

All the gear selected for the gearlist (both BiS normal modes and BiS heroic modes) is taken from I will not, ever, suggest what trinkets you should be using. It’s mainly because I myself have about… well, many trinkets from various instances that I swap in and out if needed – although being the mana junkie I am… my mp5 trinkets and mana restore trinkets lead the way now.

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It’s alive!

Yeah yeah, I know I slacked very much, and this was cause by various reasons ranging from leading the guild from officer position and trying to recruit enough people for our own raids (over holidays), being ill (over holidays) and the need to hand out with friends and family despite aforementioned (over holidays). I spent quite some time in the game in my bed too, respecced my paladin to protection for faster queves for Saronite farming, adjusted this and that and well, generally did nothing at all that could somehow be classified as “work”. Including this blog, but hey, I really had no topic to write on.

However, there were some interesting things that happened over that AFK period, be it new ICC wing or some very interesting PuGs I got. As well, I have been finally installed into Guild Master position after the start GM being AFK for over month (I am telling you, dealing with guild from officer position without set ranks, guild bank and other stuff is really not fun task to do). And finally I got myself to write something here too. So, where to start?

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Icecrown citadel is…

Conquered. Well, sorta. At least the four encounters available to date were downed yesterday by Cute Poison. And man, it was a ride. It was one of the messiest raids I’ve done in last weeks, we got very, very familiar with the floor all over the place and we had fun.

The idea of the run was to go in blindfolded, with the littlest clue about the instance possible. All I did was briefly going through TankSpot videos fifteen minutes before raid to see how the fights look in general. And the whole evening reflected such preparation – bosses were casting “that ability”ies, everyone was supposed to be aware of “that crap” and so on, you name it.

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Blueberry Raiding: Tackling your first heroics, part deux

Note: I was slacking on this post and posts in general due to some shit real life has given me. 3.3 is going live for us EU people tonight, so the next part will cover this, as well as I need to test the new, nerfed Oculus for the next edition.

————————CUT HERE————————

Hello again. Earlier this week I posted first part of manual to handle your entry heroics that can open you the world of bigger raiding. This week, we will be following where we left, covering the rest of easy and the medium heroics, pointing out some of the speed-bumps for shaman healers that those include. By the way, stumbled upon a project I wanted to do while leveling my next shaman - Leveling with instancing by Skraps over at Sham-WoW. I am very interested if he will cover some more, as instance leveling might be new option in 3.3. But back onto our main topic.

We will assume that since last week, your gear got better with badges and drops somehow, as well as the gear of your tank and party. We will still assume that your party is not full of brainded tards, but still can give you headache by not moving out of fire fast (enough). Now, under these circumstances, you can pretty much stand in most heroics looking pretty while you heal anything and this my dear shamans, this won’t change much. The step-up in difficulty in the next “tier! of heroics comes more with the demands that it puts on your reflexes and the rest of your party, than on your gear. But now, although you may feel like grown up shammling, I suggest you go check this post at Shields Up! out and try to learn what Drug says. He’s kinda like Simon. You know the game “Simon says”, don’t you?

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Blueberry Raiding: Haste is like, the best stat for us, right?

And the hell it is. I doubt you can find any bigger haste junkies than raiding restoration shamans. The key word here is – raiding. That’s right. Now, before you start bashing me, I understand what HEP values tell you. It’s like, haste is miles ahead of anything else! And it really is. But for new restoration shamans, this should be clarified, for the lack of better word. Explained.

There surely are times when haste has it's use...
There surely are times when haste has it’s use…

So. A restoration shaman posting against haste? Am I out of my mind and out of control? I am not. I just seen two shamans lately putting big accent on haste while they were fresh 80s and both seemed a bit confused and disappointed by their healing capabilities. It was specifically the resto approaching me in Dalaran bank (weee, I am famous! No. It really wasn’t because I was first reasonably geared resto shammy they’ve seen. Really! C’mon!) and there was this question that sparked the discussion was this sentence:

“I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I followed the information I found on Elitist Jerks, you know them? And on Shaman boards.”

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Blueberry Raiding: Rahana’s interface

Well, the first topic I wanted to start with was some basic restoration shaman guide, but at these days Drug at ShieldsUp posted a great guide about shaman healing beyond the basics. Far few of his points were about tracking buffs and debuffs in raids and besides praising him in the comments, the displaying of buffs was most hot issue there, even leading to his next post about tracking buffs and debuffs. In the comments, I presented my UI and drug seemed to be quite interested in it, so, like, here we go I guess, eh?

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