Login servers are down… again.

Finishing and publishing a draft from the week when BattleNet Merges started to happen, cause MMO-Champ announced they will be needed. Well, Blues did too of course. So, yeah. More like what I do now stuff than anything of any importance, or relativity to game.

I really hate this. No, I am not going to post about how Blizzard fails or how much we deserve quality service for the fortune we are paying monthly. I was actually looking forward to restarting the blog, as finaly something interesting happened in my wow life, something I wanted to share. But then Blizzard drops this bomb on me, on my second trial run with Fiction. Ah yes, that’s what I wanted to talk about…

So, yeah. Lately my WoW life has been filled with many events, some of them I am ashame for,  some of them I am happy about, pretty much as always, ups and downs coming.  Anyways,  after being stressed three times a week raiding on my Plate golden whirling berserk, I grew pretty much tired of being shouted at and wiping countlessly on Hard Modes few people of the 25 in raid weren’t capable of.  Seriously,  the favouritism of some and the unability to perform of others really made me mad – and what was worse, it even reflected on me as a person. Being pissed off raid by raid, I got quite angry and not relaxed even in our friend runs that I was leading, eventually sinking the big friendly ship with drama and pretty much venting my anger at wrong people… That was the bad thing. Well, I started looking around for a guild that’d accept Rahana as healing blueberrry, a guild that’d be doing only 10s and doing them with focus and succes. And one day, I got lucky. I found them.

I applied to <Fiction>, strict 10men raiding guild. It was possibly one of my best applications ever and I got swiftly in, for a two week trial. Must say, during my trial runs I actually experienced more hardmode and fun content that ever since in WotLK – my first trial night was on Firefighter. The other was on TotGC, well, just beasts but still. OS+3Drakes. Trying Onyxia whelp achievment. Con-Speed-A-tory. And many more others that I’ve never seen before. Well, as I am finishing this post few weeks after I started writing it, I guess I can say I passed the trial and are now member of the 4 person healing team. And I am enjoying the ride.

Hopefuly I will start writing regulary and more from now on, but knowing myself, I am not promising anything…

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Long time player, former hardcore now casual raider. Talks into everything, does not pay attention to exact theorycraft numbers. View all posts by Rahana

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