Twin Valkyrs heroic down…

So, yesterday Fiction went on to proper Twin Valkyrs progress. We faced them for first time, with 48 tries left after downing Faction Champions with considerably easy comp. I gathered for the raid, with flu and feeling real bad, but knowing there is no healing alternative to jump in for me. I made myself promise not to suck and I wanted to stick to it to the fullest. Yeah. Totaly did that. We buff, we talk tacs, we buff some more, discuss totem / aura / blessing use and we move on to the pull.

So yeah. Chainhealing left and right while picking up white orbs. Debuff! Switch! Rahana runs around like headless chicken dodging black balls on her way to black porta! Yay! Now, clicky clicky! RT up, wrong ball! Heck. NO! NO! NO! No I don’t really fancy those three white balls coming to get me! HEEEEELP! Rahana runs away. Twins at 60%. Something feels a bit off. Now what could that be? Oh ya… maybe this thing… so, you say, this Earthliving thingy is good to have on? Eh? Tank died. Wipe.

We run back, buff, talk some more tacs, do few last adjustments and pull again. Quick check – Earthliving is up! Go me! Golden lazors slice through raid, green numbers invading my screen, popping all over the place. The heck why did you let this ball through, you there?!? Oh shit buttons on cooldown, 4xcrit CH puts healthbars back at acceptable level. New EarthShield. Pally healer dead, chaining through MT. Oh for fuck’s sake. Oh no. Shield missed!. MORE HEALS ON TANK! Ok, let’s wipe it guys. Against my better self, I drop all healing and chase down some black balls. Wipe.

Two wipes later. Come on guys, we can do it! Oh you say? Fine. Rahana seems calm in-game while I stare at my monitor, replaying last attempts thinking where we can do better, be better. Nothing comes to my mind. Just fecking heal better and pray for bit of luck. We pull.Rahana got debuff. Fine. Switch. Enemy balls incoming, heck it! Run, switch. Rahana has debuff! You better be kidding me! Quick CH on to raid. RT on Rahana while I run, checking Grid who will die. Hopefuly noone. Switched colours. Vortex, SWITCH back. Like, really? Vortex out – guess who got next debuff? That’s right. Rahana. For fuck sake! Lucky enough, at this time Eildon kinda noticed that I am running around, switching colours and switched spots with me to make the colour switching easier for me. Next debuff – NOT Rahana. Now I got scared. Next one, Rahana. Oh here we go. 50% mana, MTT on cooldown, pot on cooldown. Maybe renewing Water Shield would help, sure let’s try that. Quick tabbing to capture one of the Twins in my sight – 6%. My head starts pulsing with “NOW JUST FUCKING KEEP IT ALL TOGETHER LADS!!!” And so we did. Exhausted, all I managed to say in the cheerful vent was: “fuck yeah. Thanks for switching with me Eild”. Not shitting you, I really got like 5 debuffs that fight. nothing better for healer than to run around trying to reach other portal.

We forgot to take a kill screenshot again – we could get that as motto of our guild by now, and then we proceeded to see how tough the bug is. Reducing our healing force to 2 from 3, we got Rahana and Sune who was Disco for that fight left. The following attempts could be simply described as: Please, damnit, stack for CHs!!! being shouted by some lunatic. I mean, seriously, how hard is that concept to grasp? P1 and P3, all I want you to do is to stand close so I don’t waste CHs all over the place.

First try was interesting. We didn’t really know what we are doing, and we went into second P2 with bug at 40%. Not bad at all I’d say. The following 7 attempts we pulled off there were slightly improving, though the point of stacking up for CHs remained unheard by many. But hey, last wipe was going into second P3 with 32% on bug, which, considering that there probably is some optimization room for us, quite encouraging. Yeah, we called the raid a bit early and we were happy! Next week, we’ll give him some more! Hopefuly FCs won’t be bitch.

PS: Progressing Anub without being repaired first and not having engineer in the raid quite sucks. Luckily for us, two first dead people made it quickly back to be ressed outside instance and summoned us back. But still, seriously, WTB repair dude in Anubarak’s room! Hell yeah.

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