ICC gear sets (version 1-normal) and Totem thoughts.

So, I finally got to making the ICC gearlist of well, Rahana’s BiS at the current moment. I did it using values from Shaman_HEP from our last Icecrown Citadel raid, in which I healed everything from start up to and including Festergut and few tries on Rotface. The results are a bit skimmed, as for the configuration I used some things I didn’t have at that time – especially 2T10 attained just after that run.

Thinking about what to wear is srs business!

All the gear selected for the gearlist (both BiS normal modes and BiS heroic modes) is taken from Wowhead.com. I will not, ever, suggest what trinkets you should be using. It’s mainly because I myself have about… well, many trinkets from various instances that I swap in and out if needed – although being the mana junkie I am… my mp5 trinkets and mana restore trinkets lead the way now.


I was long time thinking about the difference between formerly “the best” relic by Elitist Jerks, which was Bizuri’s Totem of Shattered Ice. There seems to be nothing bad about the totem – for the cost of one global cooldown every 18 seconds you get uptime of 220 haste, in ideal conditions. And haste is the best stat for us, right? It is and on the very first glance, this totem looks like godsend. The second totem would be Totem of the Surging Sea – providing us with stackable spellpower buff, however working only on Riptide cast, not Riptide ticks (says Totemtran), so the stacking and uptime is a bit slow and well, yucky and hardly beats the uptime of  Totem of Calming Tides. However, and that is big however, we are right now working with 10 men setting and 10 men healing, where, sorry to break it to you, Chain Heal often slides from our almost best spell for any situation to spell that is used very situational (read, when you see few people are actually in range for it to hit effectively), whereas Riptide is a spell we use almost constantly (well, tossing a heal at someone and not having to take care of that person right again immediately is quite fine), from which the current prefered totem would possibly be Totem of the Surging Sea, as we don’t have to fire blank Chain Heals to get the buff up.

Now let’s loop back to the spellpower haste comparison of the two purchasable totems for Emblems of Frost. Just today I ventured back to Elitist Jerks as I really slacked on everything during the holidays and wanted to somehow keep up with the latest changed and actually read up on the meta gem theorycrafting which was nicely covered by Vixsin from Life in Group 5 and while lurking Elitist Jerks, I found this post comparing the usefulness of Bizuri’s Totem of Shattered Ice to Totem of the Surging Sea by stassart, who plays Trelis (who I believe is also the man bringing us the HEP application)

stassart wrote:

Koe provided me with some combatlogs where he was experimenting briefly with the new totems.  Parsing them with shaman_hep and looking over the results, here is my analysis of the new totems.

Bizuri’s Totem of Shattered Ice

 "Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice" (43 haste rating) buff uptime: 19 mins 37 secs  (42.80%)
 dose 1: (43 haste rating) uptime: 45 secs  (1.66%)
 dose 2: (87 haste rating) uptime: 43 secs  (1.59%)
 dose 3: (131 haste rating) uptime: 1 min 12 secs  (2.65%)
 dose 4: (175 haste rating) uptime: 1 min 1 sec  (2.25%)
 dose 5: (219 haste rating) uptime: 15 mins 53 secs  (34.65%)
 Overall haste rating: 85.81

Flame Shock Rank 9: count: 45, total mana used: 33615 (5.74% of overall)
 In combat count: 45, mana used: 33615 (5.85%)

In this combatlog 4.4% of flame shocks missed (2) and 43 landed for an uptime of 28.1%.  With practice and gcds available this number could obviously be increased.

Flame shock was the fourth largest mana consumer and works out to 61.1 mp5 consumed.
85.81 haste * 1.3637 = 117
-61.1 mp5 * 1.0555 = -64.4
total HEP: 52.5

This doesn’t even include the gcd cost of casting the flame shocks.  I could add in that effect and provide a full HEP value for Bizuri, but even without taking this into account Bizuri is worse.

Now for some theorycrafting:

If you could get double the overall uptime (from 42.8 to 85.6), and let’s assume that doubled the overall haste (it wouldn’t exactly due to the doses, but it would be close).  That would involve twice the mp5 cost of casting double the flame shocks:
haste: 234 HEP
mp5: -128.8 HEP
total HEP: 105.2 HEP

Let’s say you could get 100% uptime on the buff and could get 92% uptime on the full 5 dose stack).
210 haste: 287 HEP
-201 mp5: -212 HEP
total HEP: 75 HEP
(assuming you have to keep flame shock up 100% to get close to 100% uptime on the buff.  Scaling the buff uptime from 85% to 100% requires a much higher uptime on flame shock.)

So even if it had 100% uptime and ignoring the gcd cost if you include the mana cost it is worse than Totem of the Surging Sea.

Caveat: This is approximate theorycrafting and if someone has an actual shaman_hep report with 80%+ uptimes on Bizuri that would provide real game data.

Totem of the Surging Sea

 "Totem of the Surging Sea" (85 sp) buff uptime: 56 mins 25 secs  (78.71%)
 dose 1: (85 SP) uptime: 13 mins 25 secs  (18.71%)
 dose 2: (170 SP) uptime: 9 mins 34 secs  (13.35%)
 dose 3: (255 SP) uptime: 33 mins 26 secs  (46.64%)
 Overall SP: 157.54

Total HEP: 157.5

With practice and maybe the help of an addon this value could be increased if the stack falls off less.

Another thing I noticed is when using Bizuri haste dropped to 1.35 HEP and mp5 was 1.06 HEP, while using Totem of the Surging Sea haste was at 1.76 HEP and MP5 was at 0.97 HEP.  These results totally make sense to me adding haste at the soft haste cap.

Totem of the Calming Tides

Based on 10 shaman_hep reports using Totem of the Calming Tides it has a SP range of 53 – 149 with an average of 112 and a median (typical) of 142. The low values may be people swapping totems or just not using chain heal, I do not know.


Either way it does not look like Totem of the Surging Sea is a large upgrade from Totem of the Calming Tide in the typical case (15.54 HEP).  If you do a lot of tank healing it is likely a huge upgrade.  I personally do like that Totem of the Surging Sea works for both tank healing and raid healing though.

Caveat: the Bizuri and Totem of the Surging Sea data is a sample size of 1.

Seeing this, I have no doubt what I will purchase first. Yes, it will be Totem of the Surging Sea. Although I can imagine there are and will be fights where any and all haste will be the most desired stats, it’s not here and now. Yet. And well, currently with the odd Chain heal I throw around my relic slot is rather wasted, getting more actually use from my PvP totem than my Chain heal relic. But please bear in mind all this is very relative to your raid composition, healing assignment and the way you approach fights.


The following is a list of ideal gear for Rahana and it is what I am currently going for. I realize (and you should too) that this list is based on my healing preference, as BiS for me and there always will be pieces that will be doubted by others. For example, I fully intend to collect and use 4T10, unless it proves itself highly undesirable (as well for the reason it should be “relatively easy” obtainable i264 gear not depending on lady RNG kindness). I am as well going to restrict the gear pool to “strict ICC10” – which means gear obtainable in Icecrown Citadel 10 normal and Emblem of Frost purchaseable gear. Currently the list will be made only with ICC normal mode gear, as there is not yet point in making heroic version (which is in most cases just heroic-versions anyways). I chose 4T10 and decided to drop out legs, although the Primordial Saronite will be hard to farm. As well, all selected Tier is i264 just for convenience (and because I am lazy to update it in future when there will be HM tokens dropping). These are the weightings that were used while calculating the BiS gear:

1 SP = 1
1 mp5 = 1.1087 (calculated)
1 mana = 0.0112
1 Haste rating = 1.2766
1 Crit rating = 0.5036
1 INT = 0.7470 (actual)

The list covered all basic buffs and presume at least one replenishment source in raid. Flask of Frost Wyrm, Haste food used.

This is link to the included items comparison on WoWHead

This is link to the items Rawr compilation

Sanctified Frost Witch's Headpiece [IED, Reck-Am]
Choker of Filthy Diamonds
Sanctified Frost Witch's Spaulders [Quick KA]
Sanctified Frost Witch's Tunic [Rec-Am, Quick KA]
Waistband of Despair [Quick KA, Reckl-Am, Quick KA]
Lightning-Infused Leggings [Reck-Am, Quick KA, Energized EoZ]
Earthsoul Boots [Quick KA, Quick KA]
Coldwraith Bracers [Reck-Am]
Frost Witch's Handguards [Reck-Am]
Signet of Putrefaction
Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom [Quick KA]
Heartsick Mender's Cape
Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight

This is like, Rawr you know. With all the fancy gear equipped so I can see all the bloody stats piled up.

Stats breakdown:

Health:        22895
Stamina:        1659
Intellect:        1774
Spell Power:        3468
Mana:        30726
MP5:        445
Mana Available:        111070
Heal Spell Crit:        39,81%
Spell Haste:        40,99% 

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Long time player, former hardcore now casual raider. Talks into everything, does not pay attention to exact theorycraft numbers. View all posts by Rahana

5 responses to “ICC gear sets (version 1-normal) and Totem thoughts.

  • WTF

    Wow, I love when break down all the math stuff…I’m terrible at that.

    Great read with a ton of useful information.

  • drug

    I honestly never understood what the fuzz with the haste relic was all about. There’s issues like range, hit and wasting GCD on non healing activity, that just don’t make consider this totem for my healing set.

    As a 25 man raider, I don’t have to hurry with the relic decision anyway. I’m happy with Calming Tides and the PVP relic for RT/LHW.

    As far as your gear set goes, I’m curious how that’s going to turn out. I think CH is pretty horrible in 10 man raiding, so this wouldn’t make the 4pc T10 bonus something I’d aim for. Especially because this would free up a gear slot for another great non-Tier iLvL 264 item, those juicy Emblem of Frost gloves.

  • Rahana

    Well, in theory I can see the use of the 4T10 so far on Deatwhisper, Festergut (melee range healing) and Rotface with possibly few more encounters to add to the list.

    So far the 2T10 is great for emergency healing and I believe there will be room to use the 4-piece bonus. Anyways, the token gloves at vendor are always there to be picked up, so there is no RNG involved and in case the 4T10 does no play out, it can be picked very quickly.

    • drug

      Yeah different gear sets is always the way to go. But I’m wondering about the best path for a 10 man raider to spend Emblems of Frost. For a decision like that, I’d look at a gear set I’m wearing 90% of the time and which fits my healing style.

      I’m really curious what results the first guys wearing the 4pc will have. The bonus is very prone to overhealing. But I can’t deny the usefulness of HoTs in the raiding game.

      What we can say so far is this: Not wearing the 4pc as 10 man raider frees up the chest and gloves slot for alternatives. There are splendid gloves for Emblem of Frost as well as a terrific cloth chestpiece. This setup would offer an additional 160 HEP, so that’s the difference the 4pc bonus should make up for. The huge advantage of a 2pc set is those 160 HEP which are quite a lot for RT/LHW fights. But the 2pc set gets somewhat compromised by us shamans not liking to wear cloth.

      • Rahana

        I am kinda stuck in the “traditional” gear model – as in, I refuse to wear cloth or leather, unless I’d really really craved for such improved itemization or HEP.

        I actually don’t see Chain Heal as a main spell of our 10M healing arsenal, but neither as neglected or close to no use spell. It just requires even some more thinking and timing, which comes when you raid with same people over and over. They do have some movement patterns and you will actually learn to notice and watch their in-game models, so you somehow can estimate how much targets it will hit / whether it is worth casting it.

        As well, another point is that I already purchased both shoulders and gloves, aiming for the quickest 2T10 boost. Which quite shifts the badge mathematic around too.

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