Rotface and Putricide

This Monday and Wednesday we finally scraped up some bodies to be able to go and take on Rotface and Putricide. From the last attempts on Rotface I was rather pesimistic about it and well, there are only rumours about Putricide, not far from describing him as something merging Freddy Krueger and a full Space Marine platoon would look like. And they’d ride Raptors with Jetpacks. I was really pleasantly surprised that both went smooth. Well, we didn’t down Putricide, okay, but after the two proper tries on him we were quite steadily getting into Phase 3 without much problems and we twice wiped on 300K. How annoying is that. But hey, we got the fight down and we just need a little bit of luck and a little bit of more output from everyone and he is dead. Not us. Him.

It was as well the first fights where I passed the healing spot to try out my enhancement spec. I chose enhancement as offspec because the gear confusion of elemental + resto gear was too much for me to handle and well, pushing LB all over again is no fun. Not saying enhancement is much more difficult, but it is different. As well, playing melee paladin for few years, it’s just my thing to whack mobs in the back. However, I must say my astonishing 3.5K raid dps on bossfight did not make me happy hippo at all and I was a bit frustrated about it, but what the heck.


We went in with Bear Tank, Pally Tank, Tree and Disco priest. Awesome combination, I am telling you. I chose to dps because well, with the constant movement left-right for the slime spray and moving with the debuff to spawn nice slimy ooze, those two beat me hands down. Shamans just are not real good mobility healers. But hey. It somehow crossed my mind I will argument with having Chain Heal to top the slackers in spray, but the power of Shields and HOTs won. After second try or so, someone suggested we should maybe try and have the Pally Tank cleansing people, not healers, as he knows exactly when it is best time to do so, because all he does is stare at the ooze and anything nearby. Improvement one. After some mild shouting, the spray stacking actually improved A LOT since last time and I was really enjoying myself, pushing out something about 4.6-5.5K dps per fight (gotta love Bear and Arms warrior on same target and not having to move much). He went down after few tries. It was really nice fight for a raid leader – the heartwarming feeling you weren’t wrong about all people you selected in guild and for raid, that they can not only perform, but they can dance while doing so as well.

Rotface actually did not seem so difficult to heal through, as soon as people started avoiding any and all avoidable damage. I am still not sure how I will fare on the fight, the few tries I did there as Tank Healer kinda felt a bit lame to me. But I am totaly going to give it a try.


After downing Rotface, I decided we will go waste two tries on Putricide. With next raid being the day after, I felt it would be good if people actually seen the fight somewhere else than on paper or on videos and I wanted to put them into the heat of the battle. It was disaster. However, it taught us very important lesson – oozes are srs business. The Abomination operator got some practice, seen the buttons and read the tooltips (I always take ages till I find my way around vehicle abilities, really. Even when using the vehicle repeatedly. Anyone else has the same?). Getting into Phase two was a mess. We wiped around 50 and 70%, Malleable Goo and the flasks proved to be real killers. Well, good night then everyone, let’s discuss our findings on forum and see you here tomorrow for some real attempts! Raid disbanded.

Over the day, the Putricide tactics topic start filling with suggestions and findings and we felt really prepared for Putricide (and it proved we really were). The first try was a slight faux-pas, green slime all over the room, killing of oozes and stuff like that, but we eventually figured all this out. Just a few notes here:

  • You really don’t want to be a melee dps here. God it sucked. I think I spent more time running around into safe spots and avoiding green slime on the ground than actually dpsing.
  • Everyone will tell you the first add will be green, so raid should stack SOUTH. What we found better was pull him NORTH, wait for poodle of slime to spawn and then go SOUTH. That way the abomination can start next to the first spawned ooze, slow it and whack it.

What are your experince with offspec dps, if you have any? Do you like to do it? Are you good at it? And what do you think about Rotface and Putricide? I think they are somehow well-tuned and entertaining fights, so looking forward to farming them a bit in the future.

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5 responses to “Rotface and Putricide

  • Shatterhoof

    No experience on Rotface or Putricide, but I too have an Enhancement off-spec (which used to be my main spec before I plunged into Resto), and it’s still my primary solo spec when I need to run dailies or whatever.

    First let me say, Dual Spec makes it so much more fun to run any dungeon or raid, especially in a PUG where you don’t have to worry about DKP or any such nonsense, because the number of things you can roll on practically doubles. Sure it’s still mostly mail/leather, but when a melee weapon drops I can still salivate rather than sigh in disappointment.

    Incidentally, going Enh/Resto gives you a wider spectrum of gear options than if you’d gone Ele/Resto, so your ‘odds’ of getting a drop out of a run is higher. Depending of course on how your guild hands out loot.

    I find that when I switch to Enh from Resto my pace is all off for the first few pulls. Enhancement is so frenetic compared to Restoration. While I’m healing, I’m generally only in panic mode when things go south, otherwise its just playing whack-a-mole and doing the RT/LHW/CH dance. When the Enhancement sticks come out though, things get crazy.

    Is Flame Shock up? Is Maelstrom Weapon at 5 stacks? Can I Stormstrike/Lava Lash yet?? Oh god Magma Totem is about to fade, oh wait must-cast-Fire-Nova-ARRGH. So many things to juggle, AND you have to keep moving too.

    The funny thing is, you probably would fare better than rogues or cat druids in movement fights because Enhancement is really about burst damage. You don’t have to stack bleeds or combo points or whatever, you’re just managing CDs. So if you have to disengage to dodge a slime pool or whatever, that’s just time for your CDs to catch up, and when you can re-engage the boss you get to blow them all one after another. Maelstrom Weapon is the exception, but what Enhancement Shaman hasn’t accidentally started casting LB before MW was at 5? Way to reset your swing timer, dumbass.

    It’s hard to devote time or energy to my off-spec though. I feel that I should always prioritize upgrading my Resto stuff because it’s more ‘valuable’ to me and my guild, but hot damn is it fun to smash face once in a while.

    • Rahana

      Well, I didn’t chose enhancement offspec for easier gear, really, although it is way better itemized than elemental (outside good resto pieces anyways).

      About playing enhancement, the biggest help for me was TotemTimers addon, which after switching specs actually presented the very nice UI element with three icons (Stormstrike, ES, LL) that shows you cooldowns (and you can as well click-through) and under it a bar that fills in with green regarding Maelstrom procs, left click casts LB and right-click CL. Quite handy to see what you should push in the heat of the battle.

      I think it actually easier to maintain and upgrade the enhancement spec, mainly because of it’s distance from spellpower gear. I used to elemental, but my elemental gear was in poor shape, often missing enchants or proper gems. It was mainly because it was “just another spellpower” gear and I was kinda feeling like the rest of resto gear with epic gems and top tier enchants will compensate for it. Keeping up two different gearsets IS expensive, but it’s fun as well.

  • Malahide/AnachronosEU

    I have healed Rotface as resto shammy on a succesful kill, and it isn’t so bad
    the trick is(for me anyway:D)to stand right at his feet so you only have to take 2 steps to get in his back again and again
    wouldn’t be my favourite fight as shammy healer, but its defo doable

    • Rahana

      I am not saying it isn’t, but then again, if I can have druid healing the raid instead of me, why wouldn’t I? In order to achieve smoother raid performance, I am giving up my healer spot on Rotface. But that’s how we do it, we tend to swap around even for each bossfight.

  • dalaani

    I haven’t healed a Rotface kill as a Shaman, but I’ve seen 9%. We started with Shammy (Cleanse+Raid), Disc(Tank), Tree (Ooze Tank+Raid). We saw more sucess with Shammy (Tank+Ooze Tank+Spot) and Disc (Cleanse+Raid). I bounced CH off the Tank to Raid Heal, since everyone was clumped up, and Glyphed HW + RT for the Ooze Kiter. Any spot healing I could manage when the Tank was good was usually HW on damaged targets, or a CH out to the two or three people merging slimes. I think a Shaman has a good set of tools for that job, but run into serious trouble when they get the infection themselves.

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