Weapons of Choice

This is the second part of the lightweight restoration shaman guide by Rahana. In this part we will be dealing with simple spell overview and talk through any and all spells that should not be missing from your bars.

Restoration shamans have quite interesting spells in their arsenal, and even the only “visible” healing spell in game. As well, that “visible” healing spell is the spell this class got well- known for. But there are way more spells we are (should be) using for and while healing than one shiny healing lazor called Chain Heal.

Restoration healing spells (baseline):

Lesser Healing Wave: Quick single-target heal. Provides between 6-9K healing on T9+ level for it’s 1.1 second cast. Even with lesser gear and base cast time of 1.5 seconds is our best snipe-heal available, and one of the core spells for tank-healing routine, definitely our most used spell in heroics.

Healing Wave: Large, long-cast heal. Should not really be much casted outside “oh shit” situations and it always should be supported with Tidal Waves buff. This is our biggest mana drain spell and well, it’s a keybind that might catch some dust time to time.

Chain Heal – flagship of Shaman healing. Awesome heal that provides high direct heal to main target, and additional healing to another two or three (glyphed) people around. It has quite long cast time that unfortunately can’t be shortened by anything else than haste. This is the spell that will tell you how good your shaman healer is – CH is awesome tool if used properly, but waste of resources (time and mana) for single target healing.

Restoration healing spells (talented):

Earth Shield: aka the awesome floating poo. One of our three shields and the only one that can be casted elsewhere. You will learn to love this spell really soon – you just cast it and then it does the healing for you. How cool is that, eh? It’s one of the best spells in situations when your tank breaks LoS or charges out of range, you know there is emergency heal on them. The only acceptable excuse for this not being cast with 100% uptime is that the Shaman healer died (but what sort of excuse is that from healer???).

Riptide: Ever wanted a spell that looks like you just poured a bucket of water over someone? Well, then Riptide is the spell for you. But seriously, this is amazing spell. It’s instant, it heals for enough to be worth casting as instant-save spell and the HoT portion of the spell pretty much let’s you shift your focus elsewhere while it slowly gets the person back to full. Procs tidal waves too and Chain heal will consume all RT ticks when chained through. Lovely stuff.

Utility spells that you should be using:

Water shield: It replenishes mana. It restores some more mana on spellcrit or if you are hit. It costs no mana. If that is not good enough reason to have it on at all times, then there is one more – it looks cool. Really cool. More cool than Earthshield. Even cooler than Lightning shield. It’s just the coolest looking shield ever.

Earthliving weapon: Weapon imbue for healers. It has green leafy icon afterall. It will up your healing a bit (bonus healing, not bonus damage) and will throw a little HoT every now and then. Nothing world-breaking, really, but it has cool name, adds healing and has green leafy icon. Man, it’s free 150 healing and HoT!! What are you still thinking about?

Wind Shear: A spell that lowers your threat! And well, interrupts spellcasting. And it’s off the global cooldown too. Use it and use it often – in many cases proper use of Wind Shear will actually prevent more damage taken that would the global cooldown cost you in casting heal. Help your tank round mobs, help yourself from avoidable damage.

Purge: Another spell that will help you control the fight and incoming damage better. Many mobs and bosses cast various shields or buffs on themselves and some of these can be Purged away – heals, for example. Don’t be lazy and stupid, learn to use it.

Cleanse spirit: A talented ability that will remove Poison, Disease and/or Curse in one click. There is no reason not to have it, and if you have it, there is even less than no reason not to use it. Again, it prevents any kind of bad stuffs all those debuffs usually do.

Hex: A crowd control spell. You don’t know what CC is? I am not really surprised. Well, to make it simple, with this spell you turn Humanoid or Beat type of mob into a frog. As far as I know, it can take some damage before breaking, but still not enough for CCing in the middle of your AoE fun. Mind you, the cooldown is longer than it’s duration, but especially early in the game it helps you control the damage intake of tank and can often be used to hex down riders from animals so your tank can reach both and build threat on them at the same time.

Adding some DPS to the mix!

Flame Shock: Instant cast spell, some lousy direct damage and some DoT applied. The good thing is that it will do damage without you taking care of it (well, outside the initial instant cast of course). Will grant your Lava Bursts will crit on the target. It has flame icon, so it has to be dangerous spell.

Lava Burst: Short cast spell, granted to crit when Flame Shock is on target (wait, I already said that). This spell is kick ass for two reasons – first, it says “You hurl molten lava at the target” in the tooltip; second, you really will be throwing big badass ball of fire on the target. Imagine Pyroblast, just cooler.

Lightning Bolt: Long cast nuke, nothing too impressive about it. But well, you can at least spam it and you are the only one in the game using Lightning spells, so I guess it’s kinda cool too. Nothing groundbreaking, I will take juicy Lava Burst over Lightning Bolt any day.

Chain Lightning: The very awesome thing about Shamans – not only we heal in chains, we as well dps in chains. Pew Pew Lazor of our class – it has some cooldown, but short cast and it makes you feel warm inside when you see it buzzing through enemies! Really nice multi-target nuke, learn to love it. Quite mana expensive though.

Fire Nova: A new spell for us – it makes our Fire totem go Kaboom! and nuke everything around it (without actually destroying the totem) and is extremely pleasant in multi-mob situations. Must admit though, often getting close enough to plant the totem is less pleasant.

Well, that’s about it for the main spells we are or should be using while playing our game. If I missed any, please let me know. And I hope that those of you who still doubt the awesomeness of shaman class and restoration branch especially, this article actually bashed your thick skulls and you will soon go roll one!

Next part will be dealing with Talent breakdowns and glyph explanations, which means we might get into some numbers too (kidding). The part after that will be dealing with Shaman healing mechanics and dynamics, and the next part, well, that you will have to wait for.

About Rahana

Long time player, former hardcore now casual raider. Talks into everything, does not pay attention to exact theorycraft numbers. View all posts by Rahana

9 responses to “Weapons of Choice

  • Patrick

    Rahanna, I like the series so far. I would love to see something added about what levels of haste, crit, SP, etc. You should be shooting for. You may have a post planned for this already, but if not, a down to earth ( I.e. Not EJ theorycraft) breakdown would be useful for many people I would imagine.

    • Rahana

      It actually is planned, but I am not sure if it will be in this “dummy guide” or in second part of more complicated stuff, it would be numbers afterall. Not really sure when or where it will come, but it is coming definitely. Thanks for the input though, at least I know someone would want that page too:)

      • Patrick

        That’s good to hear! If you need Amy help on writing it let me know. I’m currently at the in-between stages. Pretty much geared with triumph badge/frost badge gear and trying to maximize itemization. I have a raiding holy pally, but that’s a whole different ballgame. I usually see top end raiding posts, or beginner posts for gear but nothing for that stage right before.

  • Nim (Ankh)

    That picture is win, much like the spell it’s depicting.

    I find myself using Healing Wave far more than many other shamans do, especially when I’m tank healing. If the tank takes a big hit, I’ll pop a Riptide/Healing Wave. It’s a mana sink, but one that produces results. I don’t wait for OSHI to happen – besides, that’s what Nature’s Grace/Tidal Force/Healing Wave is for.

    I’m also intrigued on how you would suggest handling stats in a non-EJ fashion. I eagerly await this post.

  • Sellia

    Interesting stuff. I’m currently leveling a shaman as elemental, but I’m thinking about switching to restoration. I’ll come to back to check the rest of this serie. :)

  • Kayllnn

    Seems like a great post, but I agree with Nim, healing wave is awesome, and by no means is an OSHI moment only heal. In ten mans shamans can be great tank healers, and even when my pally friend is spikes I am spamming healing wave on the tanks, with riptide up of course! Healing wave is great for tank healing, and a lot of shamans are speccd into it, my mana is never an issue, and riptide bring the cast time close to LHW.

    • Rahana

      I was always specced into HW and won’t ever spec out. I as well use it very often, even outside tank healing. However, please bear in mind this series are pretty much introductory into restoration shamaning. If I were to talk about tank healing as shaman, HW would absolutely be there as VIP spell – as a rough line-up of our spells this is what I think appropriate for HW.

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