There ain’t no Gnome like a blogger Gnome

Okay. You might remember my post about from before, a blogosphere guild for writers and readers and fans of blogging. If you haven’t been in the guild yet, let me tell you it’s very very specific place to be. Imaging throwing about twenty creative minds into one room and just imagine how hard it is to track the conversation that commences. Nothing is left alone – from Gnome punting to English literature and how much was C.S. Lewis affected by getting pissed with Tolkien. Now, of course, this community is  very engaged in all sort of things. Around a week ago there was a mention about US- Argent Dawn suffering by “lol raids” of non-RP people that were basically griefing the RP server, and there was a note that those were Gnome only characters. Well, what would you expect from this wonderful comunity but creating a

support anti-event. The word started spreading few days back on SAN boards and it was agreed that we all roll a Gnome character on Argent Dawn EU and will stroll to and around Ironforge.

The Spawn

At 16:00 CET a Gnomes of various names containing or starting with “gn” were spawning in Dun Morogh, joining chat channel and generally fooling around. There was around 18 characters when we were full if I am not mistaken and this is how we looked ready to go.

Spawned Gnome Squad – impressive look!

The Journey

No idea how, but my Gnome Maxmilian got the honor of leading the crowd. And if you think that leading enthusiastic eccentric and chatty gnomes is anything easy, well, think again. First headcount was done just before the tunnel. No one said they were missing, so we proceeded on. The most fun was trying to establish any formation before we actually dissed the idea. We were Gnomes afterall.

Gnomes entering unknown world. And someone just burned 10DKP on some lousy gloves that dropped off the Trogg elite pwn monster.

As we went on, everyone was chatty. I mean I was bursting out in laughter pretty much all the time, because the stuff these guys are able to come up with is just amazing. Here’s a little sample

Larísa, Tamarind and many many others providing quality funtime!

Few dead boars later and one bunny slaughtered, we decided it would be worth to guild ourselves. And so the Single Abstract Gnoun was born. There was a short pit stop in Kharanos for people to get their pets from mailbox and my little Gnome run to Ironforge and back to bring a guild charter and few tabards to give out. With charter signed and about half of the crew dinging “Represent” achievement, we marched on to Ironforge. Some wussies were complaining that the hill was too steep and that they need a rest, so we tried to bribe on of the guards to give us some booze from the cart in middle of the hill. He acted like we weren’t there and did nothing. Bloody dwarves. At that point it was very clear the march for Gnome Rights was the right thing to do. I needed to be done.

I wonder what’s in the barrels if not booze. Still think we should’ve plundered that cart!

One of the very epic moments was when reaching the plaza in front of Ironforge and I am really, really sad I forgot to put fraps on, as the whole scene was epic. Imagine the classic movie scene. First a lonely enemy appears on horizon, just to be followed by many and many other enemies going to swarm you. That’s how it looked. I am not joking, I think the Dwarf on a Ram must’ve went a bit “WTF” at that moment. I at least tried to screen it in three shot sequence, here goes:

A lonely hero appears on the horizon…
…just to be followed by his adversaries…
…and you are outnumbered before you know it. Gnome Pride indeed.


Then we arrived into Ironforge, the mountain city of Dwarves. If I thought that the journey there was epic, it was nothing compared to what was about to happen in Ironforge. I can’t really describe it, it was a great laugh from start to end. From yelling “Lower the doorknobs” to trying to cook and eat every horse or chicken the little gnomes saw, we proceeded on our way to see both kings, library, the well and then a pub. There were few RP encounters along the way and although level one and small in size, the Gnomes “won” them all. I will post just few screenshots below to illustrate how it looked.

High Tinker Mekkatorque. Word.

Gnomes in the Library. Why are all the interesting books so high???

After visit to Magni and cleaning ourselves in the pond, we went for a pint. See the gnome mage on the left corner of the table, humping the naked human? That's Larisa. Trustory.

Bouncing a human warlock from Gnome only party! Yeeeha!

And that was it. We spent hour and half just fooling around on level one Gnomes, trying to raise the awareness of Gnome Rights and Issues and I hope I can say we succeeded. Everyone had fun and it was one hell of an event which I hope will be one day repeated. And just so you know there are morons even on RP realms, this is a screenie we decided to take on bank steps before we log or do whatever we fancy…

Morons are everywhere. At one point there was Mammoth and Elekk fully covering the stairs.

Luckily someone had the great idea of taking the last pic IN the bank where mounts can’t fit and so we did. Maxmilian Twinspark out with last thanks for great time spent Gnoming, with hope that we didn’t annoy anyone on Argent Dawn EU as we tried to stay IC as much as possible and with the wish that next Gnome Race for Gnomish Rights will have even more participants and will be made from even more epic and awesome!

Peace out, Gnombres!

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