Rahana the Kingslayer

Rahana the Kingslayer.

Rahana the Kingslayer.
Kinda has the ring to it, doesn’t it? Yes, Cute Poison killed Lich King yesterday. After about a month we were finally able to muster a full Cute Poison raid (even with trialed healer), we went in for some tries and we left with phat lewt. It is awesome fight – so many things to do, much fun to have. The whole evening was well-spirited, people kept picking on each other, laughing and wiping us in silly ways. The very first try we got him to 38%, guilds best so far. And at that point I knew it’s all good. We had to tweak a bit more of the P3 tactics, as we actually never got this far before anyways, but we got there. After two or three tries the learning curve culminated and actually started decreasing, but everyone was able to gather their thoughts, focus and go for one more – “this time better, please” attempt.

I must say, I don’t really recall much. It was routine till about Phase 3 and then it was just push to progress as far as possible. Ghosts, kill them. Defile, move. Ghosts. Defile. Spread. Clump. At 15% or something I got ported to Frostmourne room. Which was not cool, really. I missed the Grande Finale outside with the rest of the troops. I must say, I wasn’t paying attention. Inside Frostmourne, healing my ass off, I was not paying attention to anything. And then Grid went poof. Lights went off, people were dead. I was still alive. At that very point I assumed something went terribly wrong out there and I had no idea what. Then I died. Out of the blue. And then it occurred to me that we had him. We frikkin downed Lich King. The Hard Modes are open to us.

Healing Lich King on 10M setting, normal

Is quite nice experience for a Shaman healer. You have to precast your Chain Heals to allow Infests do as little harm as possible, you get to Chain Heal a lot in P1, P2 and all transitions. You even get to switch relics and change to LHW bombing for P3. The fight has it all. Even portal phase where you get to bomb NPC with your awesome heals. I love the fight.

Note to raid leading Shamans – make sure your totems are placed as the fight starts and make sure you actually get the first Chain Heal for Infest right, do not let it catch you standing around checking raid positions and what are people doing. Yeah, I really did have troubles with it.

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13 responses to “Rahana the Kingslayer

  • Pilfkin

    Big, big congrats (and cuddles!) Rah – you must be made up:)

  • Issy

    Gratz Rahana – that’s awesome:)

  • timejumper

    Well color me green.

    That is the one thing I wanted to do since leveling to 80 — kill the Lich King. The 3.3 patch made me want to raid again and I haven’t been so anxious to complete a raid since Naxx.

    Grats on the win.

  • Rahana

    @ Pilf: Thanks dear, I might even get a new tatt😛 I am actually more thrilled about having a guild able to raid again than the kill itself. It was just cherry on top.

    @ Issy: Thankyoo!

    @ timejumper: I’d never paint a fellow Draenei Restoration Shaman green. That’d be insulting. We ain’t no Orcsies!
    As for the Lich King – try to get in touch with some reliable casual guilds on your realm, so you can see the fight for yourself. I think getting 1-2 glorified pugs as Shaman+Tank couple shouldn’t be a problem (as long as your better half fancies raiding). The fight is worth it. Great fun, thrill and long speeches! Arthas has it all.

  • Jen

    Congratulations! We’re a step or two behind you and I can imagine how good it feels😀

  • Tam

    Huge congratulations😀

  • Sephrenia


    Fantastic news. I hope we will be close behind you:)

  • Larísa

    Congratulations! Well done. I hope I’ll share that title with you in a not too far distant future…

  • Pilfkin

    Oh new tatt *tries to think of witty remark* ummmm: then I can point out that you should turn the other cheek more often! /smoochies

  • Rahana

    @ Jen: Feels good. But really, it’s great fight!

    @ Tam: Cheers.

    @ Larísa: From what I read you are on a good way:) You don’t have Arredoval though😛

    @ Pilf: That was a witty one!

  • Jenster

    Congratulations. I have healed it twice now and I must say having a disc priest for infest helps!

    I don’t find it too difficult to heal if you are on your feet. I mainly tank heal, and our tanks are good for shouting things out so the heal was there when needed.

    very intense though, and the feeling of ‘no going back’ when you’re 10 minutes in makes it feel truly epic. Roll on hard modes!!

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