BAST: Your favourite race

This weeks Blog Azeroth’s shared topic is one I can relate to and is one of those that sound simple, but when it comes down to it the answer is not.

“What is your favourite race?”

Now, put like this, the question indeed is simple. However once you dig deeper into it, the reasons behind your race selection, the reason behind your alts race choice, it starts complicating. Just thinking about it, even my alts went through this race-changing (or prefference changing) experience from Wrath of the Lich King to Cataclysm. Why? Fairly simple reason really – I am person willing to try about anything and well… Shamans could now be played by Dwarves. So there, I guess my most favourite race in World of Warcraft would be Dwarves.

My humble beginnings…

My very first beginnings in this game were on Dwarven Paladin on Roleplaying server. That being said, I knew nothing about Warcraft lore, last game I played properly from this series was Warcraft II, but I was (am) Warhammer junkie so Dwarven Slayer was my preffered choice and back in Vanilla warriors just weren’t as appealing to me as paladins. So there I was, grey haired, experienced Dwarven Paladin. I dipped into the lore a bit and from the very start decided that my paladin is actually a Wildhammer. Yes, I went outside the pre-set lines of game and made a Wildhammer dwarf. Sure, he believes in the Light and all that, but as well had these “shamanistic” roots and was heavily attuned to nature and life at it’s purest, raw form. Using many roleplaying addons I created a looks of tattoed face and all those Wildhammer rings braided in his beard and trucked on. He stayed like this till our Illidan kill which came after barbershops (was that 3.0, wasn’t it?) he was finalized with these looks:


The age of the Draenei

Short after Wrath came, I rerolled to Rahana, a female Draenei at that time. Shortly after, her looks and visuals became the master-pattern for all my characters. If you looked at my character selection screen at that time, you’d see five different Draenei alts, all looking the very same and I was happy about it. I loved Rahana and her looks as well as her cleavage in T10. The racials were awesome for most alts I played (Deathknight and Mage could totally utilize the +hit, so could Rahana in her offspec and my low level Hunter and Priest were benefiting from it as well, if only for leveling). The starting area of course went a little dull after doing it so many times, so basically asking guildies for port out to civilization. But hell, was I in the love of the hooved spacegoats back then? Sure was. I still am. Want a proof? Slideshow ahoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Non-Draenei era

Being bored, I decided to roll a new alt – a druid. As this was in Wrath, the only available race was Night Elf, so Night Elf it was. I leveled my Panzerbutt (yes, she was intended to be a tank at 80 – and she was) as Night Elf, looking forward to this -1% chance to hit as a tank. That was my last alt I rolled pre-Cataclysm I guess and was the only who had the race forced on it (except for Rahana ofc). The next character I rolled was actually another Druid on Cata beta, but that was to see the bear/kitty forms (heavily un-polished at that time) and was looking at the racials as quite benefiting, but not decisive factor.

So Rahana, how do you decide on race?

I don’t, I guess. It’s spur of a moment thing really. Sometimes I go after the visuals, sometimes I go after racials – for example Rahana went Dwarf as soon as it was possible, getting the same looks as my old Paladin (currently have 4 Dwarves on character screen, all looking the same). That definitely wasn’t a “clever” change mechanics wise – given that I will never play enhancement the hit was far more valuable than the expertise on maces only (then again my whooping 6K dps on Atramedes says I really shouldn’t  bother at all – but hey, I fired off many chain heals on that one as well as stopcasted countless rains). Arliana, my mage, was leveled Draenei the whole time just to go Worgen at level 84ish. That was both visual and racial choice as I didn’t have any other Worgen at that time and I really wanted her to be fire in the endgame so I went for the crit instead of hit. Kilriana, my level 85 Draenei deathknight has been rerolled as fresh lvl 58 Night Elf in order to provide the best tanking benefits (as I want her to be blood and level it all over again as blood just to get the practice). The only character that actually remains untouched is Angrak, Draenei warrior (tank?) who still keeps my “original” Draenei look I had. The good thing about Draenei that once you learn to love their looks, you’re good to go. You get the 1% hit for leveling and usefull stat for your dps spec at endgame. I am quite weird person when it comes to it – I will for example never wear staff or off-hand on Rahana – yes, even if I could possibly poach the Legendary coming up, I just couldn’t stand it unfortunately. Or offhand – Shaman has to have shield, simple as that. For me at least. And if you please and scroll up to remind yourself of Chmur… this is how Rahana looks now:

Do you have most favourite race? If not and you’d really have to pick one, which would it be? Do you min-max your race selection for your alts? Is your current main of min-max race for it’s purpose, or did you sacrifice the “best” for looks or personal liking?

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One response to “BAST: Your favourite race

  • Ingmar

    Draenei all the way. Females, that is. In fact I dislike most of the male models, except for the less humanoid ones (Tauren and Worgen). My Shaman also spent some time as Troll but that somehow didn’t feel right at all, so I’m back to Draenei (luckily I took a screenshot of the original look so I did manage to find those settings again when transferring back).

    But currently my favourite race is Eth I’m afraid😉

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