Little blog updates (since it’s maintenance time anyways)

Blog related stuffs:

Right, just a quick notes about how the blog itself is going on.

  1. Banner should be in the making (<3 Padrae) and should be up in week or so. It will be hyper-mega-awesome-super-duper cool stuffs (or not if I annoy her over the limit of her kindnes and she will just beat me to death with peg leg – not hers. I think.)
  2. Cataclysm instance guide (the very same walkthrough instance guides that is around for Wrath heroics) is in the making and should be posted over time. Unfortunately the instances are not hard anymore (although the amount of fail pugs I encountered is just stupid really, not getting through first trash pack because CC is overrated is driving me up the wall) so stay tuned for that one.
  3. Blogroll – looking for active 10M and/or resto shaman bloggers out there to expand my Reader horizons as well as possibly share some traffic love. If you know of any good / favourite 10M blogger, be sure to leave me url in comment, I’ll have a look and update the blogroll if I like it. Thank you very much
  4. RSS Feed. So I went to this fabulous site to get this thing called feedburner account just to notice I already have one for over a year. I still have no idea how to put it on the site or why it’s better than the default RSS provided by, but well – here’s the link.

Shameful promotions:

Dogwatch is recruiting! We are mature guild composed of adult players, many have families and other real life commitments. We aim to provide high-standard raiding at parent friendly times (21:00-00:00 EU server time, Wed-Thu-Mon) and we are currently 1/13. We are looking for Restoration druid as the last spot on the roster, for more guild related information please visit our guildsite.

TotemSpot shaman community hub! In case you missed this awesome hub for shamans of all specs and skill levels, if you miss place to hang around even as alt shaman or regardless of your experience, be sure to drop by. Most shaman bloggers and other helpful people are to be found at that site so be sure to check it out!

PlusHeal healer community site! I presume all your healy types know about this community hub, but just in case – it’s forum by healers for healers. Any class or spec, any trouble from raid/guild leading through boss tactics and gear checks to healer focused recruitment, you can find it all here.

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Long time player, former hardcore now casual raider. Talks into everything, does not pay attention to exact theorycraft numbers. View all posts by Rahana

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