Ondrej (Andrew)

Played WoW since late Vanilla, not got much into raiding back then, more like run around on my Retribution Paladin. With the coming of The Burning Crusade expansion, I re-rolled Horde, Orc Protection Warrior and opened the doors to raiding, Karazhan pre-nerfs without Fear Ward. Later in expansion I started to miss my old friends over at Alliance, so around the patch 2.2-3 I returned back to my paladin, refusing to play another spec than Retribution, damn that was one fun spec. My paladin quickly became my main and I whacked my way through the Burning Crusade raid content from Karazhan through Zul’Aman Bear runs to finishing Mount Hyjaal and The Black Temple. With the coming of the Lich King and extreme homologation of classes, I kinda started slacking on the paladin, switched few guilds and finally made an alt. After leveling two warriors and a paladin already, I decided I want to level some caster, and it had to be hybrid. Being left with Priest and Shaman to choose from (as druid’s weren’t appealing to me), I tried out priest but abandoned it quite early. Then, it had to be Shaman.


Rahana came into game with the intention to level up as Elemental shaman and to try healing on 80. Over quite some time I managed to push her to 80, and as soon as I started healing on her, I fell in love with the character. Rahana provided me with much versatility and many tools to enjoy and improve the group / raid performance that I was just thrilled.

Entering the raiding game

After quite some time cruising around and looking for a best fit, I ended up being  a strict 10M raider (I really dislike 25s, just not my thing. Hell, I don’t even PuG VoA25 for tier) in a guild called on Terokkar (EU). After progressing few hard-modes, the guild somehow fell apart and some of us were asked to move to another server. So there I am now, on Shadowsong (EU), leading a guild called <Cute Poison>, one of the many strict 10 guilds on the realm. Before Cataclysm hit us I decided to disband CP altogether and became an officer and raid leader in <Dogwatch>, one of the two sucessor guilds on Shadowsong.

Blueberry Totem

The idea of blog came into being long before the blog itself. I was long time thinking that it can’t be hard to blog and that I might give it a go, although it was exactly at the time I started raiding on Rahana when I made my mind and got the balls to finally do it and open a blog. Blueberry Totem started and I had some ideas about what to do, what not to do and pretty much wearing pink glasses. The posts on this blog are related to:

  • Raiding as Restoration shaman
  • Raid and Guild leading
  • Ranting about the current WoW community
  • Rambling about things I dislike in the game
  • Rock’n’Roll (well, not really, just wanted the fifth “R”)

Characters I am often to be found on:

Rahana – restoration / enhancement shaman

Panzerbutt – kitty / bear druid (yeah, the name is inspired by John Patricelli’s Big Bear Butt)

Chmur – retribution / protection paladin

… and few more anonymous alts that I feed and take care of in case I want to run away and hide.

Contact details:

For those who have troubles clicking through my username, you can e-mail me directly at probebu [at] gmail.com

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