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Public outrage

I know I am late to the party, and I don’t really care. Yes, this is supposed to be post about the new premium feature – grouping with your Real ID friends. The single feature that once again disturbed the whole community, half of it threatened to quit over it, many almost declared war to Blizzard Entertainment and/or set themselves to Blizzard HQ with tar and feathers. I must say, it’s not the daily QQ posts across the boards or the threats of “I will quit” I see on daily basis that make me lose faith in World of Warcraft’s community – it’s the crowd reactions to feature like this. But more on that later on, now angry baby face and brief description of the feature…

Let's rage against things that matter. Like sandcastles!

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“RNG” and “bad luck” and my blood pressure…


Right. I intended to post about this long time ago, pretty much since I read the post over at Paragon site by Lazei. While I agree with Lazei on all points almost completely, some of the reactions to his post were rather negative and in a “STFU you elitist” manner. So I thought I’ll take on the very same topic from the point of view of casual passionate raider. For those of you, not familiar with the post and not really into reading it, allow me to quote the basic thesis of the post:

I’m going to rant here a bit because every time I see someone mention bad luck (or RNG) it makes me angry. I’m pretty sure most raiders hear “bad luck, couldn’t have done anything about it” multiple times in a single raid and I just want tell you that almost every single player who blames bad luck for wiping is a fucking idiot.I hate when people blame luck and that’s the end of it. Somehow the general attitude seems to be that shit happens and there is nothing you can do about it when the players’ attitudes should be “FUCK! That’s not supposed to happen! How can we survive this? Could this have been prevented?”.

Now, I completely and totally back that statement up. As “my” raiders found out, nothing gets my blood pressure up as much as hearing “bad luck” or “RNG”. Why? I’ll explain soon.

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On anything and everything…

On getting back into it

So here I was some day last week, dusting off my login into WordPress after many months, thinking I should you know, actually try and stick with something and do it. I logged into it and stared at the screen, frankly I didn’t even find the courage to click on the “blog dashboard” link to get over to BBT. Back in Wrath, BBT and the community I got into while blogging meant a great distraction and a perfect addition to what was happening in game. But truth be told, I am slacker. If slacking would be olympic sport, I’d be on Gold Medal streak and possibly hold few records. So here I sat, pondering what to do next. I was actually scared to write anything new because I was affraid of failure. Not that what I want to say will not interest anyone, but my own failure to stick to something and see it through. So I closed my browser and turned World of Warcraft on.

I told this to Chayah the same day and while he seemed pretty excited that I opened again (given he was excited only till I said I shut it down right after), but Chayah is pretty excited about just anything, he always seemed like the person who will cheer at you for finishing race last, because, you know, that’s awesome result and all and you might not run fast but you run with style… Anyways, it got me thinking some more. What if – what if I can keep it up? Not only that, what if I can actually take advantage of regular, additional activity in my life and stick with it, wouldn’t it be better for me in my personal life as well?

Well, here I am. Thinking that it’s about time to do something with my life and stop being as bad person as I am, work on myself. Yes, starting a game related blog might not seem to be the best idea but… baby steps. I as well ordered new pair of hyraulic disc brakes and set of wheels for my bike in prep for the nice weather, so hopefully I will be able to stick with some regular schedule with that as well.


On this blog, content and visuals…

We will see what time brings. As in the past, if I will stick with this, there won’t be much theorycrafting or solid guides around. I play it by the ear as I see fit (and I damn rock it) and there are others, far more sophisticated blogs out there for proper restoration shaman resource – big shout out to Vixsin from Life in Group 5 for being the lead on this field, I owe you soo much.

However, I am quite torn on the name and layout of this blog. I already changed the header and theme because, you know… Rahana is not Blueberry anymore. The very first day it became possible, she turned into Dwarf. A male one. You see, my very first character was a Dwarf Paladin and that’s kinda my race. Not that I have anything against Draenei, Rahana was hot shit as Draenei and all, but I am Dwarf at heart. As well being completely useless as anything but restoration invalidates all racial arguments. O hai Archaelogy.

So the biggest task for the few upcoming weeks is to rebuild the blog graphic site wise, move around the guide content to some archive cathegory and maybe, maybe post some new guides. I as well decided to actually put some time into TotemSpot (been given Wiki editor rank right from start, haven’t written a letter yet) and as I said, basically spend way more time doing the fun stuff around this game outside the stupid grind (more on that later).

So, now just to dust off the language, put in links to leech some link love from other bloggers and we might officialy re-open. I really do hope you will enjoy your stay and wish you best of luck downing bosses. And remember, have fun!


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