Talent breakdown, Glyphs

Restoration shamans are unique for being able to heal both raid and tanks in the same spec, with just swapping glyphs around. In fact, there is difference between tank and raid build of exactly 3 points. 3 points that you probably don’t have any better place for anyways (actually the improved Reincarnation comes into mind, but still). The support tree for Restoration shamans is of course Enhancement.

Restoration tree:

Starter tiers, not so good but have to be taken:

Improved Healing Wave: Pushes the cast time of Healing Wave from insanely long to long. The more useful of the two talent choices in Tier 1. You very much want to max this out to 5/5 as starter for Restoration tree. [5/5]

Totemic Focus: Lowers the mana cost of your totems by 25%. Definitely not worth putting 5 points to ease the mana cost of spell that you will be using rarely throughout the fight. [0/5]

Improved Reincarnation: Reduces the cooldown on Reincarnation and returns you to life with more mana and life. Useful stuff, however seems a bit situational to me. If you can find spare two points, dump them here. [?/2]

Healing Grace: Useless talent. Threat reduction? Not really needed. You aren’t a druid with HoTs ticking all over the place to snatch aggro on fresh adds. Anti-dispelling HoTs and DoTs? Why on earth would you need that in PvE? [0/3]

Tidal Focus: Decreasing mana cost of spells we spam? Yes please. Not really win for 5 talent points spent, but by far the best out there for that value to move on. [5/5]

Higher tiers, where it gets juicy:

Improved Water Shield: The very base of our mana returns, this talent is a no brainer. Does not consume orb upon crit anymore but still gives mana back. Yay! [3/3]

Healing Focus: You need your heals to land in the shortest time possible, without being interrupted or slowed down. This talent helps with that. There is a lot of environmental damage going on, take this talent! [3/3]

Tidal Force: One of our two oshi buttons, half of our oshi macro. Go for it, use it often. On demand crit is nice, especially when you need to kick off two big heals in row. [1/1]

Ancestral Healing: Our very important buff, especially while tank healing. Reducing melee damage taken? Yes please. This is the reason to throw the spare gcd LHW at tank. Keep’em panzers buff’d! (Unless there is disco priest on them). [3/3]

Restorative Totems: Stuffer for Riptide that provides very good value per point. Just look at your logs how much HST accounted for your total healing. [3/3]

Tidal Mastery: 5% crit on your healing spells for 5 points. Sure do want, helps you to get your stats to some decent level before you start with proper gear. [5/5]

Healing Way: Increases HW output, for 3 points. This is one of the “questionable” talents, some shamans take it, some don’t. If you are ever going to tank heal, you want this. If you use one HW per heroic instance and just heal raid in raids, you might want to skip this. [?/3]

Nature’s Swiftness: Our second oshi button, second part of oshi macro. Lowers the cast time of your next spell to instant – works extremely well with Chain Heal or Healing Wave. [1/1]

Focused Mind: Interrupt and silence effect reduced… question is, why would you need that? If there is silence mechanic included in PvE, it usually hits you only if you are casting while it lands. L2use brain, do not waste points. [0/3]

Purification: 10% more healing? For 5 talent points? Go get it. You’d want it anyways to reach a bit higher. [5/5]

Top tiers, aka the cluttered stuff that contains awesome:

Nature’s Guardian: Read the tooltip. Wait, what? Read it again. Exactly. Nothing to see here, move along. [0/5]

Mana Tide Totem: The only totem that will make whole Group 5 run to you and hug you. Whirly pulsing totem made of pure mana. Drop it early to replenish and get it again in the same fight. Make macro announcing it. [1/1]

Cleanse Spirit: Bundles two dispells into one and adds decurse to the same spell. Definitely a yes spell. [1/1]

Blessing of the Eternals: Another 4% crit for 2 points is a nice trade, and the Earthliving proc does not hurt. [2/2]

Improved Chain Heal: Trademark and flagship of Shaman healing, now boosted by 20%! No reason not to take it. If you don’t use CH, why the hell you play resto shaman? [2/2]

Nature’s Blessing: Another free healing bonus? Sure want. It accounts for 207 healing for Rahana at the moment, before buffs. [3/3]

Ancestral Awakening: Very nice and neat raid healing talent. Heals for small amounts, but heals automatically. [3/3]

Earth Shield and Improved Earth Shield: There really shouldn’t be any explanation about the importance of these talents. Suffice to say you want them both and maxed. [1/1] + [2/2]

Tidal Waves: The most important and central buff mechanic of resto shaman healing. Read the tooltip carefully and then read it again. Two charges of buff, haste or crit depending on next spell. Kept up by RT or CH. In addition, ups the healing coefficients of HW and LHW. [5/5]

Riptide: A healing spell. A total wicked one. Direct heal followed by HoT. For nothing more than 1 talent point. Very nice end of talent tree, take it, use it. Abuse it. [1/1]

Enhancement tree:

I will just pick the talents worth mentioning or speccing into.

Various totem talents: All increase your totem output – they might be worth speccing into if that buff would make huge difference in your raid, talking mostly 25M here. But it’s very situational (can’t really think of any real use) and should be skipped.

Ancestral Knowledge: Fairly great talent, really. See Nature’s Blessing above, see Refreshment, you probably want this as your first 5 enhancement points over any totem stuff. [5/5]

Thundering Strikes: Another 5% overall crit for 5 points, go ahead and take it. Worth it! [5/5]

Improved Shields: Adds mana return to your Water Shield and therefore Improved Water Shield too. Adds healing to your Earth Shield. Definitely a talent worth taking. [3/3]

Elemental Weapons: Improves Weapon imbues. Often taken instead of Improved Shields, however Improved Shields are better than Elemental Weapons. You might however find the 3 points if you do not spec Healing Way. [?/3]

The commonly accepted base build is 0/13/55


As I mentioned above, the flavour of Shaman healing comes with glyphs. I dare to say, collection of Shaman healing glyphs is very large and most of them are very useful. Most of them are situational and I will do my best to describe their use.

Major glyphs

Glyph of Earth Shield: Your Earthshield heals for 20% more. No matter what your task is, this Glyph should always be in your setup.

Glyph of Riptide: Your Riptide pushes in for 6 more seconds. Solid choice for raid healing, even better for scattered Chain Healing.

Glyph of Chain Heal: Sort of situational heal. Extremely great for raid healing, especially tight group or melee healing. CH jumps once more and you can slice your resto lazors from left and right. Priceless on fights like Gormok.

Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave: An ultimate tank healing choice. Pair it with the PvP relic for the most boosted LHWs around. Works on ANY Eartshield.

Glyph of Water Mastery: Another solid tank healing choice. More mana from your shield (not orb pops) is nice to have on HW/LHW spammage fights.

Glyph of Healing Stream Totem: On some fights, HST accounts for huge healing output. On some fights, you might want to boost that healing even some more. The drawback is that it works on group only.

Glyph of Healing Wave: Your HWs heal you as well for some amount. Maybe, maybe if my mana was alright and I was on tank healing duty on heavy damage fight, I’d go for this one. Imagine Rotface tank healing and not dodging spews due to chain casting.

Glyph of Eearthliving Weapon: No. Just no. Useless glyph, stay away from it. The bonus is multiplicative, not additive. Just no.

Minor Glyphs:

Minor glyphs are rather cosmetic and don’t really add much. There is one you should have always have though, and that would be:

Glyph of Water Shield: It’s not as important as it were before when Improved Water Shield ate the orbs, but there is still damage going on and you are loosing orbs to it, so it’s good to have this glyph.

The rest of the glyphs is purely making your life easier; with the decreased cooldown on Reincarnation and especially if you are specced into it, Glyph of Renewed Life can save you some money as well as restocking on reagents. From the other two reagent saving glyphs I am using the Water Walking one, as I am using it slightly more. The rest of the glyphs has close to no use for Resto shammies.

4 responses to “Talent breakdown, Glyphs

  • Jen

    Do you happen to have some sort of guide for noob shamans? Mine’s level 30 and, while the healing itself is boring as sin (LHW LHW LHW LHW alt-tab and read a blog), I’m a bit (more) clueless about talents and glyphs and things. I relied on my friend (who already has a lvl 80 shaman) for glyphs, and she sent me Glyph of LHW even though I won’t have Earth Shield for a couple dozen levels… so yeah.

    (Also, get a search button kthxbye.)

  • Rahana

    Well first piece of advice is not to go restoration until dualspec. Then purchase Dualspec as soon as you can, and make devoted restoration spec.

    For level 40, I would go with this:
    Restoration @ 40 with Chain Heal glyph as first choice for one slot, the other slot occupied by either Healing Wave, Water Mastery or HST glyph, depending on what you feel is most useful (as all are pretty much crap for lvl 40). For minor, Water Shield without a doubt.

    There is not much to add for “noob” shamans, it all works the same way as on 80, so any guide is good enough, you just work your spells into your healing style as they come with levels.
    Search button… hum. I thought there already was one:) Alright. I will think about that.

  • Jen

    Hi! I was reading the guide, then the comments, then I realized the first one is mine…

    The shaman in my comment is long abandoned at level 33 – but! I have a new shammy on the other faction which just hit 80 last night, so I’m slacking on company time and reading up on WTF to do with her. Thanks for the guides!

    • Rahana

      Thanks. Happy to see yet another new Shammling amongst us:)

      You should really level all Shamans to cap though, we need more Shamans.

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