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Around Azeroth

So, although I wasn’t posting lately, I surely did lurk other blogs and resource sites for any and all yummy info and posts available.  The Restoration guide for Dummies is working out nicely, all posts made so far can be found to the right (that’s this way -> )

I just felt like adding a picture. Really!

I just felt like adding a picture. Really!

The last weeks brought up to speed some nice Shaman blogs – one elemental and one restoration, both seeming to seriously focus on 10M raiding, which is never a bad thing. There were as well some nice changes in game and many upcoming and few more interesting shaman non-related posts around. I am saving the Ensidia ban affair and off-game accessible armory for later. When I am in proper rant mood.

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Invincible rant!

So, I just opened my PC and read this about Invincible. Well I believe everyone saw it coming and we can’t really be surprised, but it still pissed me to no end. Why the hell they even try to keep up some 10M progression if they are not really ready to give out “same” rewards? No, I don’t want to have a shot in high budgeted gear. However, I was really looking forward to having this mount. But well:

Q. Is the mount available in both 10 and 25 Heroic?
A. Invincible will only be available in the 25-person Heroic encounter with the Lich King.

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ICC gear sets (version 1-normal) and Totem thoughts.

So, I finally got to making the ICC gearlist of well, Rahana’s BiS at the current moment. I did it using values from Shaman_HEP from our last Icecrown Citadel raid, in which I healed everything from start up to and including Festergut and few tries on Rotface. The results are a bit skimmed, as for the configuration I used some things I didn’t have at that time – especially 2T10 attained just after that run.

Thinking about what to wear is srs business!

All the gear selected for the gearlist (both BiS normal modes and BiS heroic modes) is taken from Wowhead.com. I will not, ever, suggest what trinkets you should be using. It’s mainly because I myself have about… well, many trinkets from various instances that I swap in and out if needed – although being the mana junkie I am… my mp5 trinkets and mana restore trinkets lead the way now.

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It’s alive!

Yeah yeah, I know I slacked very much, and this was cause by various reasons ranging from leading the guild from officer position and trying to recruit enough people for our own raids (over holidays), being ill (over holidays) and the need to hand out with friends and family despite aforementioned (over holidays). I spent quite some time in the game in my bed too, respecced my paladin to protection for faster queves for Saronite farming, adjusted this and that and well, generally did nothing at all that could somehow be classified as “work”. Including this blog, but hey, I really had no topic to write on.

However, there were some interesting things that happened over that AFK period, be it new ICC wing or some very interesting PuGs I got. As well, I have been finally installed into Guild Master position after the start GM being AFK for over month (I am telling you, dealing with guild from officer position without set ranks, guild bank and other stuff is really not fun task to do). And finally I got myself to write something here too. So, where to start?

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First 3.3 impressions

So, I came home yesterday from work, did my chores and sat down to my PC. Started the thing up and clicked the WoW launcher icon. Wee, patching has begun! After patching was complete I spent some time updating all my addons and then, finally, started the game. Gah EULA. Anyways, I spawned in Dalaran and it was obvious this is THE DAY. Shadowsong is quite populated server, but the streets of Dalaran were crowded for the first time. If this game had implemented body collision system, getting to bank from emblem quartermasters would be nearly impossible.

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Your mileage may vary – 3.3 around the corner

Since Bouboille posted this on MMO-Champion on Wednesday, the whole community started buzzing and talking, getting back to life (which was greatly described by Larísa). It seems 3.3 is coming. And if not after the weekend, then soon for sure! Although I feel like even today is not soon enough. Anyways, I briefly mentioned the LFG system overhaul that I am looking for, let’s take a closer look on that and on the changes that us restos are anticipating.

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