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Blueberry Raiding: Rahana’s interface

Well, the first topic I wanted to start with was some basic restoration shaman guide, but at these days Drug at ShieldsUp posted a great guide about shaman healing beyond the basics. Far few of his points were about tracking buffs and debuffs in raids and besides praising him in the comments, the displaying of buffs was most hot issue there, even leading to his next post about tracking buffs and debuffs. In the comments, I presented my UI and drug seemed to be quite interested in it, so, like, here we go I guess, eh?

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The Future of BlueberryTotem

So, recently I’ve been rather busy, both in-game (Anub hc down!) and in real life, so although I wasn’t posting anything, I had at least time to think about what I want to happen here.

I would like to start some theorycrafting in here, in series that I need to think of a name for it. I am not real theorycrafter nor do I have the time to learn numbers properly, so rather expect me to be blogging about various posts on EJ, PlusHeal and my own findings. The first part I want to do, possibly tomorrow, should be about healing Anub10HM, in cooperation with Holy Paly or Disco priest. We will talk about haste a bit too.

Then, my next idea, is series of posts from my PuG adventures – because as I said before, I am passionate pugger and there are lots and lots of funny and silly stories to tell. So, if you want to hear more, check back on Saturday, when this weekly column will make its first appearance.

Apart from passionate pugger, I am as well dedicated leveler – I do currently have 2 hunter alts, one being decked in heirlooms and supplied by my main, one being fresh project, one druid in mid-game and one DK just entering Northrend – and no, before you even think of it, I don’t really have enough time to play them all properly. I am as well planning on rolling a clothie when 3.3 comes (yay for changes in first 20 levels).

So, these are my big plans. Apart from that I would love to start building a proper blog with pictures and hopefuly I will cisel my writing and find a topics that can lure some more people in. But time will tell. Now it is time to update my BlogRoll with my favourite blogs!

Talk to you soon, BlueberryTotem


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