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A 10M restoration BiS popped up on PlusHeal recently and it surprised me it didn’t mention getting 4T10, it has been even implied 4T10 is not worth it for all the crap stats on it (mp5). Let’s see what fights we Chain Heal in 10M.

As you probably don’t remember, I was actually not that big fan of 4T10 for 10M raiding back when the bonuses were announced and I was fairly skeptical as to what use will Chain Heal actually have.

It turned out that I was right and Chain Heal is not really the spam-all spell for 10M healing by default.

However, if you have capable people in raid, Chain Heal gets more and more use over time as people tend to pay attention to maxing out it’s use and well, overgearing and overbuffing content makes you worry less about some mechanics. As well, the more you fall into routine on your kills, the better you can estimate how it will be effective to Chain Heal.

(following also asumes you are stuck on raid heal or heal all duty)

Lord Marrrowgar

At first, I didn’t see any use for Chain Heal on Marrowgar (being often raid healing with paladin on tanks) and I was right. Marrowgar is not really a Chain Heal friendly boss if people are properly spread and all. It’s as well tricky on Bonestorm phase where it’s very tempting to mend the raid with beam, but people are constantly moving so they will most likely be out of range before you finish casting. So there.

Riptide and both healing waves will dominate this fight, even in the high movement phase you can dish out better healing with 2 fast paced LHWs and take few steps between them.

PS: If you happen to be single healing it, Chain heal actually rocks. It saved tanks countless times yesterday.

4T10 feel: worthless

Lady Deatwhisper

Definitely a Chain Heal friendly fight. People may start out spread wide all over the room, but the constant running from left to right through boss will clutter them all in middle over time, spreading only on Death and Decay hits – which for example Grid with debuffs will show before it lands so you have split second to precast and land it on all caught in it while they move away. As for phase two and Frostbolt volleys – it rocks.

Riptide, pre-casted Chain Heals and Cleanse spirit rock this fight.

4T10 feel: relieves a bit of stress after volley, but nothing much

Gunship Battle

Uhm. Well… yeah. Aha. For normal mode? No way you will need that. For hardmode? It might be useful I guess, but I believe the long cast is major drawback to Chain Healing there. Besides, a single paladin can heal this fight alone.

4T10 feel: go dps.


Not a Chain Heal fight. People aren’t standing that far apart, but there is really no need to heal more than one person at a time. So just leave Chain Heal resting there and regaining strength. If you are solo healing it, then the odd Chain Heal through tanks actually does wonders. By default though it’s not really the best Chain Heal fight out there.

Riptides and LHWs all the way here, sorry to burst your bubble. Chain Healing here is waste of resources from mana to casting time.

4T10 feel: worthless, unless you heal solo or tanks.

Stinky and Precious

Pulsing AoE, Decimates. Do I really need to say more? Just make sure you make your raid to clump up for these dogs to make most use of your Chain Heal. Precast. Dominate.

4T10 feel: priceless


Chain Heal use yes and no. It’s priceless for melee healing and keeping up with the damage over time, 4T10 rocks in there. Healing ranged people with Chain Heal is quite waste, as they are standing well apart.

As usual for Chain Heal it’s untamed situational beast half time and worhtless piece of crap rest of the time. Use it wisely and judge your spells properly. The mix will be more biased towards single target healing.

4T10 feel: very solid bonus early into the fight, gives you some breathing room


Before buff and gear I would not say Chain Heal has a use there. You know, the tactic where people actually had to dodge the spit as quickly as possible. I was proven wrong, Chain Heal landing after people got back into positions was great tool and managed me to smooth out the edges.

4T10 feel: gets only better with gear and buff

Professor Putricide

This is very frustrating fight from CH perspective. The only moment you really NEED the spell is when dps slacks on the slime and you need to heal back the shared explosion damage. Yes. When everyone gets tossed all over the room. D’oh. Phase 3 is more CH friendly, as people will have to stack as the slime poodles will push them to it. But still, vast majority of the fight requires high mobility so you don’t really have time – a comparison to FireFighter comes to mind.

4T10 feel: not really a CH friendly fight, so worthless most of the time

Blood Prince Council

On this fight, I usually end up healing both Fire and Shock tank so I go in full LHW mode (glyph and totum) and therefore can’t really say anything for CH use, however I’d estimate it’s use to very situational and good only if you have great raid awareness, know your co-raiders and can predict their movement or lack thereof so it’s not wasted cast.

4T10 feel: can’t really say, but I guess slim use and benefit.

Blood Queen Lanathel

I have to admit, I ignored CH on this fight most of the time as I thought people are too spread for it. And I couldn’t been more wrong. Even people in range are perfectly positioned for Chaining the golden links of awesome and early in the fight is the HoT component priceless. If you for any reason hesitated about CH on Blood Queen, go ahead and try it.

4T10 feel: godsend bonus on CH tailored fight. Gotta love it.

Valithiria Dreamwalker

Well, of course not if you are healing Vali and taking portals. If you are outside though, you will be CHing quite a lot. Sure, you will need some spot-on single target healing too, but with the amount of raid damage coming in left and right and the raid being clumped up in middle around you, CH has it’s place.

As a sidenote – cleansing totem beats healing stream hands down

4T10 feel: I don’t think it is crucial. Sure it does help, but it’s manageable without just fine


Let’s get the facts right. Raid bunched up. Periodical damage on 3 targets and then everyone. Do I have to say more? It¨’s almost a prototype of CH fight. Just look around for other healers getting debuff so you know when to cover on tank. Other than that, CH like you mean it!

4T10 feel: solid bonus. You will be casting CH here a lot and the extra healing it can do through the HoT comes in handy when rushing for cleanest kill possible.

The Lich King

Due to our strategy (spread out in semi-circle) I wasn’t really considering Chain Heal as valid spell, but the truth is you can max out it’s use. You just need to know where is who standing so you don’t kill the bounces on second target and you should do your best to precast for Infest. Throughout the fight the usefulness of Chain Heal declines a bit as you need to heal more mobile, still stays the Infest-precast awesomeness though.

4T10 feel: Not bad thing. I will most likely not help you heal up Infest direct damage, should slow down the Infest DoT damage if you fail to top others on first go.

So, how do you (Chain) heal ICC10N?


Yeah I know I was slacking lately, got some quite busy week that didn’t really work out, so I am as well still even more grumpy than my usual grumpy level and I am running behind on pretty much every deadline. So I decided to move Blueberry Totem near to the bottom of priority list (well I am not getting money for it) so the quite-lengthy-and-wall-of-textish post about talents is postponed till tomorrow (or Sunday). Yeah, I hate myself too.

But, there is something deserving at least little post that came up yesterday in our officer forum. Do we need another officer? Do we want one?

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Weapons of Choice

This is the second part of the lightweight restoration shaman guide by Rahana. In this part we will be dealing with simple spell overview and talk through any and all spells that should not be missing from your bars.

Restoration shamans have quite interesting spells in their arsenal, and even the only “visible” healing spell in game. As well, that “visible” healing spell is the spell this class got well- known for. But there are way more spells we are (should be) using for and while healing than one shiny healing lazor called Chain Heal.

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