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Cute Poison recruitment plug


Cute Poison is a raiding guild on the European PvE server Shadowsong. Our mission statement is simple: we offer a place for folks who cannot commit huge amounts of time to WoW, and who prefer 10 man raiding over 25 man, a place to raid successfully and to a high standard. We do not make obscene demands on our members to spend 24/7 online, appreciating that everyone likes to take a night off for non-video game activities. Additionally we start our raids at a later time than the majority of guilds so that our members don’t have to rush home from work and eat over a keyboard in order to make the start.

We focus purely on strict 10 man progress, meaning we do not schedule or run 25 man raids, instead preferring to play our chosen content as it was intended, i.e. in gear only obtainable from 10 man raids. This allows us to retain a sense of challenge that would be absent if we were to cheese it in 25 man gear. When recruiting, we look for new members who have a preference for 10 man raiding for the mature, drama free atmosphere that 10 man guilds tend to have, and who value this over the added ilevels and epeen that comes with 25 man raiding.

This is not to say we are a casual raid group – we aim to make constant progress, go for achievements wherever possible, and are prepared to dig in when it comes to wipe nights to learn new content. We are looking for a few new recruits who have a similar outlook in order to complete our team.

Recently we have had an attack of real life syndrome, unfortunately losing a number of our core raiders, which has halted our ICC progression somewhat at the 11/12 stage. We are very close to our first Lich King kill, however we need a few skilled new members to get us back on track and ready for ICC hard modes and GotICR achievements, Ruby Sanctum and on into Cataclysm. These are not bench warming positions – we need members who are able to have raid high attendance and have the motivation to beat content, both short and long term.


ICC 11/12
Tribute to Insanity
GotUR 12/13
+ all previous content

Currently Recruiting:

1 tank – preference for a feral druid, although we may consider exceptional death knight applications.

2 healers – from disc priest, holy priest or resto druid.

1 dps – from any of the following: mage, shadow priest or boomkin. We may also consider exceptional paladin or warrior applications.

Ideally we are looking for folks who are geared to a minimum i245 standard in the majority of slots, however we are willing to consider lower for the right sort of applicant.

Additionally, we prefer our members to have a dual spec with which they are comfortable playing in case we are missing a certain something on a particular raid night.

We are looking for new pledges who:

  • Can maintain a high level of raid attendance. We only raid for a grand total of 9 hours per week, which we feel is a completely reasonable amount of time for anyone who is serious about progression raiding. We look for our members to maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible, although we appreciate that real life has a habit of interfering from time to time.
  • Know their class; how to spec, how to gem, what consumables to use, how to move from fire.
  • Aren’t planning on quitting WoW soon. If you are planning on giving it up over the next couple of months or you don’t really have the motivation for raiding or WoW in general, please don’t waste our time on getting to know you and gearing you up.
  • Above all else, are mature and friendly in game, can have a laugh during raids while knowing when it’s time to get serious, and generally are good to have around.

Please visit www.cute-poison.eu for more information. Alternatively, feel free to contact Rahana (GM), Arredoval or Senca either in game or via forum message if you have any questions about the guild.

How I pugged a VoA25.

Oh that’s right! I did it! With all my passionate hate for 25M raiding, I went way over myself and pugged VoA25. Well, PuG. As you might know, I play on Shadowsong EU server as leader of 10M strict guild. On the same server, Chayah over from World of the Hats is leading Fancy Hats Club, another 10M guild. Well, me and Chayah decided to actually help our guildies and schedule a 25M joint raid – as VoA is outside “strict” criteria anyways and people would pug it no matter what, the idea was to ease the pain for everyone and as well grant some fair loot distribution, not rely on some pricky ML to give out loot to friends (instead, I gave all loot to enemy!).

Always bring a towel. And don't panic. It's just 25!

Always bring a towel. And don't panic. It's just 25!

So, with one week prior notice, the raid was posted. The main problem with scheduling such raid was how to make sure we do have VoA at the scheduled time – which was resolved by posting the raid on Monday both before and after our raiding hours (lucky enough both guilds raid Mondays and at the same time) so we get two shots on the instance.

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Being a guildmaster…

I wouldn’t imagine so many things will change with the shift from officer-in-charge to guildmaster position that happened week or so back. I must say, I was really surprised when I looked back and compared my time as officer to my time as guildmaster, because honestly, I wasn’t expecting much to change. But lots of things did change. Maybe not anything major that would strike you at first sight, but enough small changes that add up to something you can notice.

The post was supposed to be about what changed about me, but turned into post about discovering the absolute truths of guild leading by myself. Truths that you can see on any blog written by guild leader, but hey, it was fun to write.

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