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How I pugged a VoA25.

Oh that’s right! I did it! With all my passionate hate for 25M raiding, I went way over myself and pugged VoA25. Well, PuG. As you might know, I play on Shadowsong EU server as leader of 10M strict guild. On the same server, Chayah over from World of the Hats is leading Fancy Hats Club, another 10M guild. Well, me and Chayah decided to actually help our guildies and schedule a 25M joint raid – as VoA is outside “strict” criteria anyways and people would pug it no matter what, the idea was to ease the pain for everyone and as well grant some fair loot distribution, not rely on some pricky ML to give out loot to friends (instead, I gave all loot to enemy!).

Always bring a towel. And don't panic. It's just 25!

Always bring a towel. And don't panic. It's just 25!

So, with one week prior notice, the raid was posted. The main problem with scheduling such raid was how to make sure we do have VoA at the scheduled time – which was resolved by posting the raid on Monday both before and after our raiding hours (lucky enough both guilds raid Mondays and at the same time) so we get two shots on the instance.

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