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Twin Valkyrs heroic down…

So, yesterday Fiction went on to proper Twin Valkyrs progress. We faced them for first time, with 48 tries left after downing Faction Champions with considerably easy comp. I gathered for the raid, with flu and feeling real bad, but knowing there is no healing alternative to jump in for me. I made myself promise not to suck and I wanted to stick to it to the fullest. Yeah. Totaly did that. We buff, we talk tacs, we buff some more, discuss totem / aura / blessing use and we move on to the pull.

So yeah. Chainhealing left and right while picking up white orbs. Debuff! Switch! Rahana runs around like headless chicken dodging black balls on her way to black porta! Yay! Now, clicky clicky! RT up, wrong ball! Heck. NO! NO! NO! No I don’t really fancy those three white balls coming to get me! HEEEEELP! Rahana runs away. Twins at 60%. Something feels a bit off. Now what could that be? Oh ya… maybe this thing… so, you say, this Earthliving thingy is good to have on? Eh? Tank died. Wipe. Continue reading

Login servers are down… again.

Finishing and publishing a draft from the week when BattleNet Merges started to happen, cause MMO-Champ announced they will be needed. Well, Blues did too of course. So, yeah. More like what I do now stuff than anything of any importance, or relativity to game.

I really hate this. No, I am not going to post about how Blizzard fails or how much we deserve quality service for the fortune we are paying monthly. I was actually looking forward to restarting the blog, as finaly something interesting happened in my wow life, something I wanted to share. But then Blizzard drops this bomb on me, on my second trial run with Fiction. Ah yes, that’s what I wanted to talk about… Continue reading


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