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Rahana the Kingslayer

Rahana the Kingslayer.

Rahana the Kingslayer.
Kinda has the ring to it, doesn’t it? Yes, Cute Poison killed Lich King yesterday. After about a month we were finally able to muster a full Cute Poison raid (even with trialed healer), we went in for some tries and we left with phat lewt. It is awesome fight – so many things to do, much fun to have. The whole evening was well-spirited, people kept picking on each other, laughing and wiping us in silly ways. The very first try we got him to 38%, guilds best so far. And at that point I knew it’s all good. We had to tweak a bit more of the P3 tactics, as we actually never got this far before anyways, but we got there. After two or three tries the learning curve culminated and actually started decreasing, but everyone was able to gather their thoughts, focus and go for one more – “this time better, please” attempt.

I must say, I don’t really recall much. It was routine till about Phase 3 and then it was just push to progress as far as possible. Ghosts, kill them. Defile, move. Ghosts. Defile. Spread. Clump. At 15% or something I got ported to Frostmourne room. Which was not cool, really. I missed the Grande Finale outside with the rest of the troops. I must say, I wasn’t paying attention. Inside Frostmourne, healing my ass off, I was not paying attention to anything. And then Grid went poof. Lights went off, people were dead. I was still alive. At that very point I assumed something went terribly wrong out there and I had no idea what. Then I died. Out of the blue. And then it occurred to me that we had him. We frikkin downed Lich King. The Hard Modes are open to us.

Healing Lich King on 10M setting, normal

Is quite nice experience for a Shaman healer. You have to precast your Chain Heals to allow Infests do as little harm as possible, you get to Chain Heal a lot in P1, P2 and all transitions. You even get to switch relics and change to LHW bombing for P3. The fight has it all. Even portal phase where you get to bomb NPC with your awesome heals. I love the fight.

Note to raid leading Shamans – make sure your totems are placed as the fight starts and make sure you actually get the first Chain Heal for Infest right, do not let it catch you standing around checking raid positions and what are people doing. Yeah, I really did have troubles with it.

WoW Drama – proper use of Saronite bombs.

So, you’d have to be blind and deaf not to notice the 72 hours ban Ensidia got for exploiting Lich King encounter. For those of you who don’t really know, Ensidia killed Lich King while using Saronite bombs (Engineering) in their rotations. What’s wrong with that, amirite? Well, nothing. In essence. However, there was obvious bug in the encounter design that made the siege damage from Saronite bombs to actually rebuild Lich King’s room, working against the way the encounter was intended, making the encounter “easier” and that way, exploiting the game, which is against the rules.


Part 9. Code of Conduct, section C says:

Game play is what World of Warcraft is all about, and Blizzard strictly enforces the rules that govern game play. Blizzard considers most conduct to be part of the Game, and not harassment, so player-killing the enemies of your race and/or alliance, including gravestone and/or corpse camping, is considered a part of the Game. Because the Game is a “player vs. player” game, you should always remember to protect yourself in areas where the members of hostile races can attack you, rather than contacting Blizzard’s in-game customer service representatives for help when you have been killed by an enemy of your race. Nonetheless, certain acts go beyond what is “fair” and are considered serious violations of these Terms of Use. Those acts include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

(i) Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or “program bugs” to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players;

(ii) Conduct prohibited by the EULA or elsewhere in these Terms of Use; and

(iii) Anything that Blizzard considers contrary to the “essence” of the Game.

Which is exactly what they did. And no one can provide any argument that would change my mind

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