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Why hello there…

Hey ho. Just a little update to prove I am not dead… I was stuck at home the whole last week being sick and all and as much as I was looking forward to writing some lengthy and silly posts, all the tea sipping and staying in bed made me very lazy.  Heck, the most heroic thing I did was to pull my laptop in my bed to play WoW because the television entertainment sucks these days. Especially in this part of the world. Charmed re-run. Walker, Texas ranger re-runs. JAG re-runs. Thanks, but no thanks. Anyways, I am really ashamed about not finding the time and being a lazy sob. On with the updates then.

I spent a little time on Rahana that week actually, mostly due to loading problems – the patch seriously fucked me up. It took me two GFX drivers reinstalls, one WoW repair, one AddOns folder deletion and reinstall of addons completely till I managed to load to some randomly created level 1 human warrior with red head without any addons just to discover that all my graphic settings were maxed out. Well no surprise that my poor addon equipped Rahana was unable to load Dalaran in prime time. The issue somehow got better, the only thing bugging me is that the game does not want to save my “particle density” setting so to play it safe mode I always have to load my bank alt and lower it down (doing so on the loading screen does not get saved either). It drives me nuts.

As for Operation: Rahana’s blues – I unfortunately didn’t have much time to farm the instances I wanted but at the very moment all I am missing is a ring and a trinket. Gems are ready, enchants are being prepared and I should be ready to test the waters of unfriendly PuGs soon. I just can’t get myself to farm Venture Bay for the totem. I didn’t really like it the first time I did it for my libram. Torpedo riding was quite some fun though (first three times at least).

As for the raiding and sharing experience part, it pretty much sucks. People are burning out left and right, finishing their exams or using the last time to enjoy their winter holidays this side of the year. Add some emergency cancels to the mix, some login server crap, addon issues and you are considering raid with just three outsiders a win situation. Which is as well why we weren’t even able to clear Sindragosa past two weeks which is very frustrating. We got some recruits in lately and all is looking good, although the either miss gear or experience; yesterday’s raid proved to be rather succesful though, we were three healing ICC (talk about rebuilding healing team) and I was sloppy as hell, looking around how the other two are doing from mana management to heals needed out. We had to stop at Putricide because that was where the gear issue caught up on us, but barring that issue, the future looks bright. But as you can see, nothing much to blog about as it would probably end up being depressive and annoyed rant.

So what the hell was I up to the whole week lying in bed doing nothing at all? Let me tell you. Hanging out with Single Abstract Noun – and god bless that guild during illness time, as even if I logged into Cute Poison people were at work or at uni or something and there was lonely me wiggling my tail in Ironforge with no one to talk to. Anyway, I abandoned my shaman I played there (seriously why are Horde totem quests so retarded?) and went to try out Death Knight. Just for fun. I already pushed one Deathknight to 75ish before so I knew what I am getting into – I went for dualwielding frost dps (again) as it resembles enhancement the most and well, I prefer swinging two hammers (albeit smaller) to swinging one hammer into my enemy faces. I don’t know where the energy was in me, but I managed to get him from 55 to 73 in 9 days, including leveling mining and blacksmithing to 400ish. Bleh.

Sidenote – Un’Goro crater is excellent place for Thorium mining, like really the best ever. And did you know Quest Helper can now track achievements as quests and puts  waypoints on your map for easy exploring achievements? Handy stuff, really.

Anyways back to the Deathknight – the 3.3.3 buff is awesome, at least in solo play (and seeing the log from our raid yesterday in raids too I guess) and it’s great deal of fun. I am as well able to get myself to around 1,500 dps overall in heroics, which is significant improvement. Sad thing is that even if I don’t really care about rotation, priorities and ideal spell selection at all and just literally roll my face from left to right, I am still able to outdps most of the people I PUG with. And no, that does not mean I am good, that means many people are just terrible. I really don’t understand how a ret paladin can do 600 in Nexus with capable tank. That is beyond me. And you bet I have some “great” stories from my PuGs, guess the PuG karma is not Rahana-bound, but account bound.

How was your week?

It’s alive!

Yeah yeah, I know I slacked very much, and this was cause by various reasons ranging from leading the guild from officer position and trying to recruit enough people for our own raids (over holidays), being ill (over holidays) and the need to hand out with friends and family despite aforementioned (over holidays). I spent quite some time in the game in my bed too, respecced my paladin to protection for faster queves for Saronite farming, adjusted this and that and well, generally did nothing at all that could somehow be classified as “work”. Including this blog, but hey, I really had no topic to write on.

However, there were some interesting things that happened over that AFK period, be it new ICC wing or some very interesting PuGs I got. As well, I have been finally installed into Guild Master position after the start GM being AFK for over month (I am telling you, dealing with guild from officer position without set ranks, guild bank and other stuff is really not fun task to do). And finally I got myself to write something here too. So, where to start?

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The new LFG (yes, again)

So, we have patch 3.3 here for few more days and everything starts to settle down a bit and the euphoria is slowly falling off. Most of us tried all of the features or content at hand and are hungry for more. Most of us is running heroics in our spare time, because we either have nothing better to do, or because we want to gear up and gem our offspecs.

My experiences from LFG on Rahana are wide and range from “professional farming” parties, where no one says a word and you are out of the dungeon in fifteen minutes after first pull to “social” parties that chat a lot and are there rather to enjoy themselves in the instance. I must say I prefer the latter a bit more, as I am a social person and I consider at least “Hi!” and “thxbai” as common courtesy. There were hardly any cocky groups I encountered though, even if it was the “pro party” and there were some undergeared people or something, no one was being rude (well they did not say anything at all) and no one was claiming to be carrying others through. So while I was a bit worried how much this extended anonymity will destroy the community even more (although on various blogs you may find tales of how everything gets needed just because people can, hell, even I ninjaed a tank trinket) from my experience it was not as bad as I was afraid it will be.

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Outside mainstream, thus not important?

This post will loop back to the difference between being a 10 or 25 raider. I read this awesome post at Planet of the Hats about Gear Pollution and for those of you not willing to read it, let me quote the thing I recalled today while browsing Elitist Jerks:

Kae, Dreambound blogger of Vortex, a 10-man guild on Turalyon-US, had some interesting points:

it can get quite tiring to constantly defend your stance as a 10-man raider, when you know you can step into 25 pugs and wipe the floor with those very healers who were laughing at you, while in “inferior” gear.

This idea of having to “defend” yourself as a 10-man raider is, I think, the basic and most serious issue of what I’ve termed “gear pollution” – and I’ll explain why the other issues are more fuzzy a bit further on.  Most 25-man raiders experience 10-mans, as I noted, with gear at least a full tier higher than most 10-man raiders experience them, which leads to them thinking that all 10-mans are laughably easy – a joke to be steamrolled for free achievements – and that those players who focus solely on 10-man progression are a sort of untermenschen.  This is not a problem with game design so much as it’s a problem with how elements of the community (mis)understand that design.

Now, I don’t want to whine about that nor do I want to complain we are being underappreciated or what not. I just wanted to touch the topic of lack of proper 10M guides. Gear guides, play style guide and more so, theorycrafting. Back to the Elitist Jerks forums now…

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First 3.3 impressions

So, I came home yesterday from work, did my chores and sat down to my PC. Started the thing up and clicked the WoW launcher icon. Wee, patching has begun! After patching was complete I spent some time updating all my addons and then, finally, started the game. Gah EULA. Anyways, I spawned in Dalaran and it was obvious this is THE DAY. Shadowsong is quite populated server, but the streets of Dalaran were crowded for the first time. If this game had implemented body collision system, getting to bank from emblem quartermasters would be nearly impossible.

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Blueberry Raiding: Tackling your first heroics, part deux

Note: I was slacking on this post and posts in general due to some shit real life has given me. 3.3 is going live for us EU people tonight, so the next part will cover this, as well as I need to test the new, nerfed Oculus for the next edition.

————————CUT HERE————————

Hello again. Earlier this week I posted first part of manual to handle your entry heroics that can open you the world of bigger raiding. This week, we will be following where we left, covering the rest of easy and the medium heroics, pointing out some of the speed-bumps for shaman healers that those include. By the way, stumbled upon a project I wanted to do while leveling my next shaman – Leveling with instancing by Skraps over at Sham-WoW. I am very interested if he will cover some more, as instance leveling might be new option in 3.3. But back onto our main topic.

We will assume that since last week, your gear got better with badges and drops somehow, as well as the gear of your tank and party. We will still assume that your party is not full of brainded tards, but still can give you headache by not moving out of fire fast (enough). Now, under these circumstances, you can pretty much stand in most heroics looking pretty while you heal anything and this my dear shamans, this won’t change much. The step-up in difficulty in the next “tier! of heroics comes more with the demands that it puts on your reflexes and the rest of your party, than on your gear. But now, although you may feel like grown up shammling, I suggest you go check this post at Shields Up! out and try to learn what Drug says. He’s kinda like Simon. You know the game “Simon says”, don’t you?

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Your mileage may vary – catching up

In the last few weeks, there were many things that came into game that turned the WoW community upside down and created almost as much controversy and hatred and drama as the famous Retribution nerfs early in Wrath (Dunno why I wrote Cataclysm before). The topics for the first Your Mileage May Vary, a series of general WoW related opinions will be: Microtransactions, Mohawks, Megafast cooking leveling (I just had to make it three M’s, don’t ask) and Free epics.

Well, I am already late to stir the waters now, but still, I want to say how I feel about it. Let’s start with the first thing that came… microtransactions…

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