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First 3.3 impressions

So, I came home yesterday from work, did my chores and sat down to my PC. Started the thing up and clicked the WoW launcher icon. Wee, patching has begun! After patching was complete I spent some time updating all my addons and then, finally, started the game. Gah EULA. Anyways, I spawned in Dalaran and it was obvious this is THE DAY. Shadowsong is quite populated server, but the streets of Dalaran were crowded for the first time. If this game had implemented body collision system, getting to bank from emblem quartermasters would be nearly impossible.

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Blueberry Raiding: Tackling your first heroics, part deux

Note: I was slacking on this post and posts in general due to some shit real life has given me. 3.3 is going live for us EU people tonight, so the next part will cover this, as well as I need to test the new, nerfed Oculus for the next edition.

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Hello again. Earlier this week I posted first part of manual to handle your entry heroics that can open you the world of bigger raiding. This week, we will be following where we left, covering the rest of easy and the medium heroics, pointing out some of the speed-bumps for shaman healers that those include. By the way, stumbled upon a project I wanted to do while leveling my next shaman – Leveling with instancing by Skraps over at Sham-WoW. I am very interested if he will cover some more, as instance leveling might be new option in 3.3. But back onto our main topic.

We will assume that since last week, your gear got better with badges and drops somehow, as well as the gear of your tank and party. We will still assume that your party is not full of brainded tards, but still can give you headache by not moving out of fire fast (enough). Now, under these circumstances, you can pretty much stand in most heroics looking pretty while you heal anything and this my dear shamans, this won’t change much. The step-up in difficulty in the next “tier! of heroics comes more with the demands that it puts on your reflexes and the rest of your party, than on your gear. But now, although you may feel like grown up shammling, I suggest you go check this post at Shields Up! out and try to learn what Drug says. He’s kinda like Simon. You know the game “Simon says”, don’t you?

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Your mileage may vary – 3.3 around the corner

Since Bouboille posted this on MMO-Champion on Wednesday, the whole community started buzzing and talking, getting back to life (which was greatly described by Larísa). It seems 3.3 is coming. And if not after the weekend, then soon for sure! Although I feel like even today is not soon enough. Anyways, I briefly mentioned the LFG system overhaul that I am looking for, let’s take a closer look on that and on the changes that us restos are anticipating.

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What happens in PuG, stays in PuG: 10 versus 25

So, after technical hiccups this weekend I can post again. Yay. This week’s WhipSiP (What happens…) will be about the differences in 10 versus 25 man raiding, why it brings so much e-rage whenever both “hardcore” types of raiders meet heads-up on game forums and hopefully we will discover some new and interesting things. Are 25 raids more hardcore and harder than 10 raids?

There are often threads on MMO-Champion getting out of hand dealing with how content is easy and they often end up in taunting others to prove their skills with achievements and even further, with mocking those that do not raid 25 content. Because, you know, any scrub can complete 10 raid. Well, it ain’t that simple…

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Your mileage may vary – catching up

In the last few weeks, there were many things that came into game that turned the WoW community upside down and created almost as much controversy and hatred and drama as the famous Retribution nerfs early in Wrath (Dunno why I wrote Cataclysm before). The topics for the first Your Mileage May Vary, a series of general WoW related opinions will be: Microtransactions, Mohawks, Megafast cooking leveling (I just had to make it three M’s, don’t ask) and Free epics.

Well, I am already late to stir the waters now, but still, I want to say how I feel about it. Let’s start with the first thing that came… microtransactions…

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Blueberry Raiding: Rahana’s interface

Well, the first topic I wanted to start with was some basic restoration shaman guide, but at these days Drug at ShieldsUp posted a great guide about shaman healing beyond the basics. Far few of his points were about tracking buffs and debuffs in raids and besides praising him in the comments, the displaying of buffs was most hot issue there, even leading to his next post about tracking buffs and debuffs. In the comments, I presented my UI and drug seemed to be quite interested in it, so, like, here we go I guess, eh?

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Twin Valkyrs heroic down…

So, yesterday Fiction went on to proper Twin Valkyrs progress. We faced them for first time, with 48 tries left after downing Faction Champions with considerably easy comp. I gathered for the raid, with flu and feeling real bad, but knowing there is no healing alternative to jump in for me. I made myself promise not to suck and I wanted to stick to it to the fullest. Yeah. Totaly did that. We buff, we talk tacs, we buff some more, discuss totem / aura / blessing use and we move on to the pull.

So yeah. Chainhealing left and right while picking up white orbs. Debuff! Switch! Rahana runs around like headless chicken dodging black balls on her way to black porta! Yay! Now, clicky clicky! RT up, wrong ball! Heck. NO! NO! NO! No I don’t really fancy those three white balls coming to get me! HEEEEELP! Rahana runs away. Twins at 60%. Something feels a bit off. Now what could that be? Oh ya… maybe this thing… so, you say, this Earthliving thingy is good to have on? Eh? Tank died. Wipe. Continue reading


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